Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Day 65

CIL didn't allow the claim so I paid for the repairs myself - the cost had gone up $1,000 because there was extra work changing parts from one diff to the other.

Then when I thought all was well, I found the auto gear change would only go to 3rd! Took it back but they couldn't find the cause so I have to take it back in the morning. I had a very slow trip back to Walkamin - about 70k/ph in third gear and many stops to let the build up of cars get past. Same thing will apply in the morning.

I'd planned on leaving on Thursday but now it's a bit iffy! My cabin is booked for Thursday afternoon on so I'll be sleeping in Yemmy somewhere I hope.

Besides Yemmy's problems the biopsy found it was a squamous cell carcinoma on my ear and it will probably be excised in the morning. It's not very big so should be ok. The dressing stuck to my hearing aid last night and came off with a bit of pain..

Oh yes -3,602 steps and 2.6km.

Day 65

Well the verdict's in - CIL won't play! They say it's not conclusive that Yemmy was jacked up incorrectly and the oil could have been leaking a long time. I can't prove otherwise so I paid up. The price had gone up by $1,000 because a lot of stuff had to be taken from my old diff and refitted to the new one.

Then when I went to drive back to Walkamin the gears wouldn't change past third! The repair shop owner tried resetting some codes but it made no difference so I've to take it back in the morning to see what they can do. In the meantime I had to drive slowly back to Walkamin and pull over many times to let the build up of cars come past. It will be a slow trip back to Mareeba in the morning but I have to be there for the thing on my ear to be excised. The biopsy showed it is a squamous cell carsinova

Monday, 30 July 2018

Day 64

This morning I got a lift into the repairers at Mareeba and asked if they had heard anything from CIL but no, they had heard nothing. The other reason for going there was to get more Osteo tablets from Yemmy as I was running short.

I had an appointment at the doctors to look at my ear. The look turned out to be a bit more than just a look as the doctor called her boss to look as well and then they agreed they needed to do a biopsy and find if it was  a pre-cancer that can be frozen off or if it is a cancer that needs cutting out and stitching up. 

She said the needle for the anesthetic  would prick a bit. A BIT!!!!!!! It was very painful but at least once it was deadened I didn't feel anything when she did the biopsy. I have to go back Wednesday morning to check the dressing and see if the biopsy report is back.

If Yemmy is ready for the road by then I'll get the treatment done in Alice Springs. Here's what the ear looks like now - not as drastic as your eye Tony!

I talked to someone at CIL this afternoon and she said the quote and pics are now with the assessor and the result would take two or three days!

More waiting for a result - just have to keep on walking - 3,138 steps and 2.2km today

With just one more day to go this month my daily average has been 3,226 steps.

Day 64

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Day 63

Another lovely day that started with bacon, egg, tomatoes and mushrooms. Lovely grub!

Then a walk - but my usual walk was difficult because they have the track all dug up to put water into the block Terry is keeping. The concreting I showed the other day is an entrance to the block from the road - a condition of the permit.


I took a better video of the Telstra tower today - it sure is high.

The questions I submitted for tonight's quiz had them guessing - usually they get mine pretty quickly. The first was ' Who was the first Australian born author to win a Nobel Peace Prize' and the second was 'Who was the first Australian actor to win an Oscar?'

And no, I'm not telling but you can look it up if you like.

Just 3,474 steps today and 2.4km. It will be interesting when I get Yemmy back to see if I've lost weight while living in a cabin the past three weeks. (Yes - I've got scales in him).

Let's hope I get some news tomorrow.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Day 62

Today  dawned bright and sunny and as arranged Bill and Irene picked me up to go to the Yungaburra Markets. The market is huge and my back soon got tired of walking so I found a coffee stop with chairs and spend a nice interlude talking to a nice lady and her dog Zara.

Then back to Atherton where my friends did some shopping before we all went to Gloria Jeans for coffee before returning home in time for lunch.

Not much happened for the rest of the day except I had a chat with son Chris on the way back from the markets and  lovely chats with my daughters Sue and Jackie. Jackie turned 60 this week and partner 'Duck' surprised her with a half hour helicopter ride over Alice Springs and surrounds. They also went out to dinner on two nights - a rare occasion indeed!

I thought the market stroll would have put my steps up but to reach my target I needed to go for a walk this afternoon so it's 3,184 steps and 2.2km.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Day 61

I was getting a bit low on supplies so wrote myself a shopping list and went looking for a lift. Bill and his wife were going to Atherton and offered me a ride. It was good to get away from the park for a bit and amazing how many people from the park were in the IGA! Kept bumping into them in the aisles.

They have offered to take me with them to the Yungaburra market tomorrow as well. Should be a nice outing. I've been chasing CIL a bit today - apparently the repairers didn't send the photos they were asked for so the quote didn't go to the assessor yesterday. They were asked again today but I haven't been able to find out if the assessor has the quote yet. CIL will pay my accomodation if the claim is OKed.

I finished my last message to them by adding as a PS that I write for GoRV magazine and would love to write a positive story in my next column.

GoRV, out today, had a little story about the growth of the Australian Caravan Club. Here it is:

With a walk to the Post Office and then walking around the shops, the steps mounted up today -
4,885 steps and 3.5km!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Day 60

Conflicting reports from the repairer and CIL but I believe all's sorted now. Only trouble is I'll still have to wait until the CIL assessor has made his report - could be next week. In the meantime the RACV have said they will no longer pay for my cabin as they don't cover waiting for insurance claims so I'll be paying myself until I get a decision. If it's OK then it will be money well spent and if no it will just add a bit to the expenses but life's too short to worry too much!

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when I wandered over to a Sprinter  - an ex-ambo just like Yemmy 1. The lady owner was an ACC member of the Tassie Travellers and a Lone Trekker as well. Marilyn knows quite a few people I know as well so we enjoyed a good chat.

We met up again at Happy Hour and here's the proof.
It's great to catch up with other ACC Members on my travels - a Tassie ACC couple, Brian and Christine, were here at Walkamin recently and we went out for coffee and lunch at Jacques Coffee Plantation before they left to continue their adventures.

Steps OK today - 3,608 and 2.6km. I'm still averaging 3,158 steps daily for the month despite easing off a lot while I was crook a few days back.

Day 60

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Day 59

The good news is the diff arrived yesterday but they couldn't start work until they hear from CIL. They have submitted a quote and if they get the go ahead the job should/could be finished tomorrow!

I've been to Christmas in July and it was a great night with lots of yummy food including beef, ham, pork and chicken. You may recognise some of the people in the pics.

Without Manager Lyn and Owner Lucy and their team it wouldn't have happened

As if we hadn't eaten enough there was this lot at the end!

Just in case you thought I'd forgotten I managed 4,245 steps and 3km today.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Day 58

This waiting is very hard as I've said before! Still no decision on my insurance claim and still no phone call saying the diff has arrived. Maybe it will all be resolved tomorrow?

At least my new Business Bank Account has appeared after I rang the NAB this morning. I was advised to put $2 into it and then when it shows the $2 in credit, it's up and working.

The park is busier than ever and the pic shows the un-powered area with many more vans than usual  and the powered sites are all full. The shot was taken from my balcony.

I rang Audio Clinic in Cairns today and arranged for a supply of hearing aid batteries to be sent Express Post to Walkamin and they will last quite a long time. May as well get free ones rather that pay for them at a chemist as I did recently.

Just made my steps today - 3,013 and 2.2km.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Day 57

When I went into Mareeba this morning I had no idea that I'd be launching an insurance claim for Yemmy's diff but having a look again at the damaged parts of the diff caused by lack of oil I got the idea that it just might be covered as accidental damage so when I got home I rang CIL and explained the situation. If the assessor agrees with me I will pay a $500 excess charge and CIL will pick up the rest of the bill - it's a long shot but might just work. Watch this space! It may slow things up while they decide but if I save a few thousand dollars it will be worth a wait although waiting is something I don't do well.

I did a lot of Australian Caravan Club tagalong tours with John and Brenda Somerville both here and in their native New Zealand. Brenda died just recently and I wrote a little piece for our 'Nomad' magazine. Here's the picture I sent the editor to go with the story - it was taken at an early National Muster. Brenda was a lovely lady and will be sadly missed

While out walking today I saw another lovely view so thought I'd share it!

By the way  - they were in time to save the girl from being murdered in the story I was reading last night in bed!

Steps were OK today - 3,510 steps and 2.5km.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Day 56

I finished the blog last night by telling you about my friend Tony's eyelid trouble and mentioned his bandaged face. He's given me permission to put it up on here for all my followers to see.

Perhaps I exaggerated a bit when I said he looked a bit like an Egyptian Mummy - sorry Tony.

Hope it all goes well for you.

I've been feeling so much better today. I walked to the shop this morning for some milk and then this afternoon went for another walk that took my steps for the day up to 4,404 and 3.2 km. I'm very pleased with myself said he boasting.

I even went to Happy Hour and the quiz tonight - lots of people and lots of questions and answers. My friends were pleased to see me back.

When I stopped reading a story on my Kindle this afternoon it had just reached a point where you didn't know if a girl would be murdered overnight. It's 9.45 so I'll go to bed and read to find out if she's alive or dead before I go to sleep.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Day 55

The day started with a raging sore throat and a sore back. I haven't been taking my Panacetemol Osteo while taking other pain killers but decided today to start them again. As the day wore on I felt a bit better ,

I'm still being looked after - Sylvia and Ken did my shopping including taking back my out of date hearing aid batteries that I'd been sold during the week, and swapping them for new ones. Friend Chris came over to say wife Carol was making pumpkin soup and would I like some later. I said yes please and it was nice soup - unfortunately my taste has faded and I didn't taste the full flavour.

Son Chris rang and we had a nice chat as he was driving to pick up Marijana's mum.

A lazy day with no steps to boast about. I'll have to stir myself on Monday as I only brought two weeks supply of medication and I'll have to get some more from Yemmy and to check on whether the plate of the diff was damaged when they changed the tyres at Moranbah. Even if it was damaged it would be hard to prove.

My friend Tony is going through a traumatic time - he's had a cancer of a lower eyelid removed and is facing plastic surgery when it heals up. He sent me a picture of his bandaged face - looked a bit like an Egyptian Mummy!

Friday, 20 July 2018

Day 54

What a night! My sniffle turned into a real fair dinkum cold and my throat was on fire. It eased a bit when I got up and swallowed some Panadols - swallowing was a problem as well. This morning after some more pills it eased a bit - particularly after some kind ladies gave me some Vicks lollies, some more Panadols and a box of tissues!

I haven't done much today - no walking. Reading my kindle a bit, playing card games on the computer and dozing when next door's dogs weren't barking. I think he's leaving in the morning - good riddance I say because he's been fiddling with his engine and running it all morning.

Here's another pic from yesterday:

Colleen sent me pictures from the Leap Hotel near Mackay. The story goes that there was a massacre and some of the aborigine women threw themselves and their children off a nearby high hill. Hence the name 'The Leap" One particular baby survived and has descendents still living near Mackay. I've often driven past The Leap Hotel and its free camp but hadn't noticed the statues.

Thanks Colleen and Arthur - travel well and safe.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Day 53

This morning after moving house, a group of Walkaminites drove up to Ravenshoe to celebrate Graham's birthday by having lunch in Queensland's highest hotel - and a lovely lunch it was,
 That's Graham in the far distance between the two doors.

Have you ever seen a footpath consume alcohol whether licenced or not?
This pub is the highest in Queensland

In these days of political correctness they are lucky to get away with this picture!

A good day and it continued at happy hour with a cake and candles..

I finally managed to get my old Business Name and ABN cancelled by a helpful lady at the Australian Tax Office and the bank rang to say they have now seen my new Business name and ABN so are processing the new account.

With a good start when moving all my stuff to my new cabin, I managed to break my 3,000 step goal by just 78 steps!

I've got a picture or two for tomorrow night that Colleen Price sent from The Leap Hotel.

Day 53

We Walkaminites went to Queensland's highest hotel at Ravenshoe celebrating  Graham's birthday. And a lovely lunch it was!   

Day 53

Moving day! I didn't realise I'd taken so much stuff out of Yemmy until I started moving it all down to Cabin 3! All done fairly quickly and it was a good start for my steps,

Then it was off to Ravenshow with Ken and Sylvia to have lunch to celebrate Graham's birthday.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Day 52

Today started as another day of dealing with  government departments and searching for a non-existent Tax File Number etc.

Then came the shock that I'd been preparing myself for - the phone call that started with, "Are you sitting down?" "The cost will be $6,000!" That includes the cost of the diff and freight charges plus assembling it all and it will take 5 working days to get up here from Melbourne.

They estimate that it will be Friday week before I get Yemmy back and can start my travels again. It's a lot of money but really there's no other way out. The RACV did offer to take Yemmy back to Melbourne but what would happen then - it was not a practical alternative so I just had to agree to getting him fixed up here. The garage did say that when they have finished assembling and fitting the diff it will be like a new one. I hope they are right!

Arthur and Colleen left this morning and came to say goodbye - we'll meet again somewhere in this great brown land I'm sure. Terry and Judy left very early and I didn't see tham go.

Quite a few people have booked in today and many of them ask, "Do you remember us?" They are people I've met some time ago and had completely forgotten! Sorry folks - the old brain doesn't work too well at times these days. Then after we chat a bit, little snippets come back and little incidents jog the memory.

I'll be sleeping in a single bed tomorrow - the one in this cabin is a Queen but cabin 3 has two singles. It won't take very long to change abodes in the morning.

Steps are a bit down again but I was a bit busy again today. Tomorrow I promise there will be steps and pictures.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Day 51

The day started ok as I did a bit of washing but the dryer didn't work so I dried the clothes on the little rack at the back of the cabin. It was lovely and sunny so they soon dried .

Then I got into a lot of complicated work on the computer. I needed to create a new business name and ABN and then cancel the old one as it still had my late wife as a partner and she's been gone more than ten years. I got a lift into the bank at Mareeba and that became a bit long as they had to phone the branch at Mornington where we had set up the business account originally.

I now have a new business name - 'Lionel Mussell Productions' and a new ABN and have cancelled the old ones after quite a few phone discussions.

I don't think the bank have completed their work yet but it's under way.

Christmas is coming - at least Christmas in July next week.

Sorry no pics today but tomorrow I should get some relaxing and walking time. A little short of steps today - 2,712 and 1.9km

Monday, 16 July 2018

Day 50

Well I've got some news - they rang to say Yemmy really needs a new diff! I replied that if Yemmy really needs a new diff he'd better have a new diff! So tomorrow they are going to get some prices and let me know what to expect. I hope they realise that dual wheel Sprinters have a lower ratio diff than single wheels. I guess that will make it harder to find the right parts.

Watch this space!

Today Graham took me into Mareeba where we had a look at Yemmy and saw they had indeed started work on him. Then some shopping before getting back in time to go out with Brian and Christine, my Tassie friends, who are leaving tomorrow. We went out to Jacques Coffee Plantation for lunch and some delicious coffee.

Then it was over to a sausage sizzle - a tradition when Arthur and Colleen leave Walkamin although they don't leave until Wednesday. A very nice evening among old and new friends.   

This was the night sky last night as I came home from happy hour - a sunset with the new moon and the evening star overhead.


No deliberate walking today but I still clocked 3,716 steps and 2.6km. The fact that I had a hamburger for lunch and a sausage in a bread roll for dinner would have cancelled out my walking. Never mind - tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Day 49

I've got fingers and everything else crossed hoping that by this time tomorrow I'll have the good/bad news about Yemmy and how it will affect my plans to leave here on the 26th of this month!

There wasn't too much to write about today so I took a few pics while getting my steps in. ( 4,206 and 3.1km so far today btw). I've found out who my Facebook friend Marg is who was challenging for most daily steps - she's here in the park!

 View from the back of the park.

How would you be climbing this? (Click the little square bottom right for full screen and then hit escape to return to the blog) 

I guess this is for another parking area for the rail trail that runs alongside the park

If bananas grew on trees this would be a banana tree! Commercially they just use the new plants each year and chop down the old ones. 
There are lovely views wherever you look up here on the Tablelands  - this is looking at the hills from the Post Office

Day 48

Today was great! Ken and Sylvia picked me up at 10.30 and we went into Atherton where I picked up a bottle of Lindemans Collection Port, some nice Pepato cheese and some seeds and grains biscuits ready for our Port and cheese evening tonight - that was a lovely time with lots of old and new friends.

We had a coffee at the Bakery and then a look around a sort of better class Reject Shop where I bought a little led light to use when I'm in bed and don't want to get out when I've finished reading.

When we got back I noticed a strange vehicle in the park called a 'Farmagator':

Apparently all farms must have a 'Gator' for use around the farm. This one started it's life as a Barina but because park owner Lucy complained that they didn't have a 'Gator' at the farm, Terry converted the Barina into a 'Gator' while she was out shopping one day! It's here at the park now while Terry fixes up the Mini-Moke that does the dustbin collections and is in need of attention.

This afternoon I went for a stroll around Walkamin in the lovely sunshine and got my steps up - 4,294 steps and 3.1km!

As expected the port and cheese night was a great success with lots of great conversationss and I've just got home at 8.30. I might watch some telly or read for a while before lights out.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Day 47

Another relaxing day - it was sunny and I was able to sit out on the verandah and read plus have my lunch outside. My first job was to walk to the shop and buy some milk as I was getting low.

Tonight was the usual Friday night barbecue night and there was a good crowd in the shed. No phone calls all day but two while talking to neighbours at happy hour.

Tomorrow night is a port and cheese night and friends Ken and Sylvia have offered to take me to the shops to buy some cheese and port in the morning.
While out walking in the caravan park this morning I took a shot of the back of the spacious grounds.

It was lucky I took my torch to happy hour because it was quite dark when I wandered home tonight - completing my 3,615 steps and 2.5km.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Day 46

Another busy writing day - I finished the column and sent it and the pictures off to Max.

The wind blows right across the verandah of my cabin so although the sun was shining the wind chill made it feel very cold and I spent much of the day inside when not out for my walk. Steps were a few hundred down but the average for the week stayed over my 3,000 target.

The Queensland Maroons won last nights State of Origin in case anyone is interested!

Here's a better view of my cabin

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Day 45

You probably realize it's the Final State of Origin tonight.

Maroons on the left, Blues to the right and those like me who are colour-blind in the middle.

Photographer Christine managed to get in the pic - that's her second from the right.

Most people stayed on from happy hour to have hamburgers and watch the match but I came home to watch Think Tank on the  ABC.

This afternoon Brian and Christine took me into Mareeba. First stop was the garage where Yemmy is living as I needed to get a couple of shirts. They still haven't looked at him yet so I need patience - something I sadly lack.

More fruitful was a visit to the NAB where I manged to change my Business Account to a No Fee Account. I was paying $10 a month previously.

Then we raided Coles and I stocked up as it looks like I'll be here for a while yet.

The pleasant afternoon ended with a visit to the coffee shop at the Information Centre. 

When I left here to go shopping on Sunday I left stuff on the ground expecting to come back and put it all back. It now looks like a garage sale!

I've been busy writing today - my next column is about half finished and I've got headings for the rest of it. I've also written a short obit to go in our ACC Nomad magazine for a friend who passed on suddenly recently.

Steps have not been forgotten - 3,314 steps and 2.3km. I had most of this written earlier but after I looked somewhere else to check something Murphy had made it disappear and I had to start over again!!!!!!!


Day 45

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Day 44

Not a lot happened today. There was a very cold wind this morning so going out wasn't attractive! I did walk to the post office only to find the Post Office part of the shop was closed because it was the Atherton Show and a public holiday.

I cooked some corned beef and some vegies in an electric frypan but I lacked some ingredients and it was pretty bland. It boiled over as well so there was water on the floor to clean up. Murphy?

I did go walking in the afternoon and clocked up 4,054 steps and 2.9km.

Sorry no pictures today.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Day 43

This will be my home for at least a week because when I went to the RACQ depot this morning they told me they were so busy they couldn't look at Yemmy until next Monday! They just may get a chance before then but couldn't guarantee it.

The RACV has agreed to pay for me to stay in this cabin until next week and I could get a hire car if I wanted. With so many people here keen to help me it doesn't seem necessary - Graham took me to Mareeba this morning so I collected a lot of things I had forgotten yesterday. Today I'd made a list!

The cabin is very well equipped and tonight I used the microwave to cook some chicken drumsticks. The shower is great and so convenient because I don't have to go over to the camp conveniences.

I registered 3,682 steps today but I forgot to take my phone to happy hour so missed quite a few steps. 

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Day 42

It started as a grey drizzly day and I debated about going shopping. After a while the weather improved and I dismantled all the stuff attached to Yemmy and just left things ready to connect up when I got back.

When I got to Chewko Road I decided to go out to Mareeba Bush Stays first and say g'day to Norm before shopping. I hadn't gone very far when suddenly Yemmy started making horrid noises underneath - maybe gearbox or diff or perhaps something picked up and jamming. I stopped and had a good look underneath but couldn't see anything so I rang the RACV who then transferred me to RACQ and eventually a repairman arrived in a van. I told him that it looked like a tilt-truck was needed and he agreed after a bit of a look. Another long wait and the truck arrived.  Yemmy was about to have his third tilt truck ride this year! The driver drove us to the caravan park where the RACV had agreed I could stay in a cabin. It was a bit hard remembering what had to be unloaded and I forgot my medication!

Good Samaritan Brian offered to take me into Mareeba to retrieve my pills and also to let me do my shopping. Fortunately someone was working in the workshop and let me get what I needed from Yemmy. Then back to the cabin. It's very nice and far better than the motel I stayed in at Moranbah recently.

There were not many at happy hour tonight so we settled around the lovely warm fire for a while.

The big rig I mentioned yesterday left this morning and I managed to get a pic as they were leaving.
Just 2,942 steps - just 58 short of my self imposed target. But it was 2km though!

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Day 41

Well Paul and Corel left this morning and took little Matilda with them - in fact she scrambled into the car as if she was pleased to be leaving! Didn't want a dog anyway!

I've been busy today doing a story for GoRV - a couple who I believe have the ultimate RV are leaving in the morning so I seized the opportunity and asked a lot of questions and shot a lot of pictures. They have a tri-axle Roma caravan, a Fuso truck tug and a Mitsubishi Mirage run around.

Here's a couple of pics:

It has two slide-outs, solar on the roof and loose, an exterior kitchen and sink and all the goodies you could imagine. The little Mitsubishi rides on the tray of the truck.

With two swiveling chairs with footstools, two tellys, an outside kitchen and sink, two generators, stacks of storage and much more,  in my mind it's the ultimate RV.

Keep watching for the story in GoRV sometime soon.


When I left him Russell had twenty tyre pressures to check!

I had a lovely chat tonight during happy hour with a couple from the newly formed ACC Branch - the ACC Rainforest Ramblers. They live in Cairns but come up to Walkamin quite often. They have a muster just after I leave to head westwards or I would have joined them.

With Brian and Christine here from the Tassie Travellers that means we had the furthest north and south ACC branches represented here tonight!

Not too many steps today as I've been a bit busy!

Friday, 6 July 2018

Day 40

It was cold in the night - yes I know it was a lot colder down south but for here it was a tad chilly so today I got the doona out of the cupboard and put away the two thin blankets that hadn't been enough to keep me warm. During the day it's been lovely but after sundown the cool comes in.
My little friend Matilda's owners are leaving in the morning and I've told them Matilda stays with me! She's a lovable and intelligent little dog but I believe she would take the 1st prize in a longest tongue competition! It won't be the same when Paul and Coral plus dog are gone as they have been wonderful neighbours - I hope to see them again next year.

I scootered to the Post Office this morning but still no mail. Then this afternoon an email from Australia Post told me it was at the PO awaiting collection so back I went and they found it. Why does the thought cross my mind that it may have been there this morning?

The package contained my new mouse so I can give Ken his back tomorrow - it's been great having one of his mice to use until mine came.

Mine's the black one.

Steps were down a little today but the week's average came out as 3,539 a day so I'm pleased with that result.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Day 39

Much more cheerful day today. Ray's passing yesterday really knocked me.

And yes - there are some pictures today. I sneaked into the shed this morning and the ladies were all busy little bees with their craft projects. One lady was so engrossed she didn't even look up when I snapped them!

Then my scooter doubled as a dunny wagon and took my cassette over to the dump point. It's a long walk so I appreciated the ride.
My gas locker door hinge has been a weak point ever since I bought Yemmy a few years back. I drilled the hole today for the final nut and bolt that has made it much stronger.

All work and no play....... We solved that with a game of Finska - or as we used to call it Klop. Brian and Chris are former ACC Tassie Travellers Finska Champions and carry a Finska set on their travels.

Still no parcels at the Post Office. 232 steps short of my target today but I did go across for a shower this morning without it being measured!

I was asked about statistics the other day. They only show on my copy but here's a shot of number of viewers .

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Day 38

Sorry no pics, no scintillating humour or brilliant prose.

At lunch time I had a phone call and the mobile said 'Ray Desposito' so I answered by saying "Hi Ray - how're you going?" Sadly the voice said, "It's not Ray Lionel - dad passed away this morning." It was Ray's son Mark with the sad job of letting Ray's friends know that he had died today. He had renal failure and had been hiding it for years from the family.

Ray and I played trombones together in the Musicians Union Rehearsal Band in Melbourne all those years ago and I often parked on his front lawn in Hervey Bay for a few days when travelling north.

I'll miss him!

No parcels again today although the tracking showed one item had been processed in Brisbane three or four days ago. Even the shop had little fruit on offer - no paw paws or avocados so settled for a few bananas.

It was fast food night and as I didn't care for the fish and chips last week I settled for an Hawaiian  Burger. Yes - there was pineapple but just ordinary burger and no ham. It had nice filling though including beetroot.

Steps were OK - 3,482 and 2.5km.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Day 37

I'd been getting a faint tingle from the case of my computer so today I found my tester that shows if power points are wired correctly and started checking. I first checked the park supply - OK. Then the power lead - OK. The two points in the battery compartment were OK but when I checked the point inside near the door it showed faulty with a few suggested causes including 'active and neutral reversed'. My friend Ken had come over to help and he managed to get the cover off the power point and sure enough the connections were reversed. It was only a matter of reversing a plug and it ticked the OK box.

Here's the tester in action - red and green mean safe!

Further testing showed a four connection extension board was also faulty but it had soldered connections and wasn't worth fiddling with. I've got several other extension boards all OK so the faulty one is on it's way to the tip!

During our soup night yesterday there was a tremendous bang and everyone rushed outside to look for the cause. It wasn't found until daylight showed that a tyre on a spare wheel had burst! Just why it burst in the evening when the temperature was lower remains a mystery.

On my walk to the Post Office I pass two ferocious lions - so far they haven't attacked me!
No parcels yet and the steps were a bit low so I went for another walk later in the afternoon. The result was much more satisfactory - 4,052 steps and 2.9km.


Monday, 2 July 2018

Day 36

The day started with a surprise. A message from ACC Tassie Travellers Brian and Christine saying they were meeting some more TTs in Mareeba and would I like to come? Of course I would and so we headed for the Mareeba Information Centre for coffee and a long chat. There were two more TTs there as well so I got someone to take our photo.
 I posted this pic on my Facebook page with everyone's names. It will also appear on the Australian Caravan Club's Facebook page.

It was a lovely get together and we did some shopping before returning to the park for lunch.

Tonight was Soup Night - a celebration anniversary of the opening of the park way back in 2005 and there were even some people here who had been in the park when it opened!

There was a great selection of soups and I only had room for two - Pumpkin and Seafood Chowder. I'm told the other choices were just as good.

The implements were ready:

.... the bread was ready

... and the serving ladies were nearly ready!

A great night indeed!
In between the rain I walked to the Post Office this afternoon but no parcels for me yet. 
It did get my steps up though - 3,575 steps and 2.6km.