Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Day 58

This waiting is very hard as I've said before! Still no decision on my insurance claim and still no phone call saying the diff has arrived. Maybe it will all be resolved tomorrow?

At least my new Business Bank Account has appeared after I rang the NAB this morning. I was advised to put $2 into it and then when it shows the $2 in credit, it's up and working.

The park is busier than ever and the pic shows the un-powered area with many more vans than usual  and the powered sites are all full. The shot was taken from my balcony.

I rang Audio Clinic in Cairns today and arranged for a supply of hearing aid batteries to be sent Express Post to Walkamin and they will last quite a long time. May as well get free ones rather that pay for them at a chemist as I did recently.

Just made my steps today - 3,013 and 2.2km.

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