Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Wednesday, 17th October

We had a bit of spare time before going on a winery tour so  I used the scooter to take the portapot cassette to the dump point. Then I filled my water tank ready for the road next week.

The tour got off to a bad start with our bus going to the wrong part of the winery but all worked fine after that. We had three stops and there was lots of wine to taste although I only tasted a few at each stop.

The guided tour of a big working winery was very good - here are a couple of pics.

The weather was great today but it turns cold once the sun goes down.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Tuesday, 16th October

 A lovely day out to visit the Anzac Centre in Albany by bus. The weather was perfect and the company great. I left my phone at home so couldn't take pictures but my friend Brian sent me some of his.

This afternoon I made a chicken drumstick and bacon casserole for our Lone Trekkers Potluck Dinner. Unfortunately it clashed with the Sundowner night and so our gathering was very disjointed with people coming and going but it was quite enjoyable just the same.

Our meeting was not on the programme so that probably was the reason we were down in numbers. Next year should be better.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Monday, 15th October

I was about to eat my bacon and egg breakfast when friend Banjo appeared and captured me dishing up. The Hot Ozzie Barby is still great.

Today was the opening ceremony and later Bernie and I went into Denmark and had lunch at another bakery and of course I bought a custard tart.

At night I went to the Servicemen's SIG dinner at the Denmark Tavern - a lovely meal but I only had the main course and only at half of that. Poor appetite these days. It was a great evening and lots of reminiscing took place.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Sunday, 14th October

Although it rained at tea time the day was fine and nice. Bernie and I went fot a scenic drive and looked at some lovely views from lookouts of the Ocean Beach that gives the road it's name.

We had lunch at a lovely little cafe where they are giving a $10 special of a toastie and coffee to ACC members.

Unfortunately by the time happy hour started it was threatening rain and it was pouring when the sausage sizzle started.

My friend Brian is a computer whiz and he managed to do the firmware update on my satellite phone this afternoon after a bit of frustration. Now if something goes wrong on the way home at least I'll be able to communicate.

It's cold here at night and I've got the heater going.

Here's a couple of pics from the lookouts.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Saturday, 13th October

I did a silly thing this afternoon. I was leaving my site on the scooter and turned too quick to miss some walkers and came off. I hurt my right shoulder but apart from that I'm OK.

Bernie and I had a good look around town this morning and bought some very good custard tarts - I gave them 9.5 out of 10!

 I think one of the spikes hurt my head making me grumpy. The tarts were delicious

I'll write more tomorrow but my shoulder hurts to type tonight.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Friday, 12th October

I woke up early as usual and then realized I didn't have to drive anywhere today and could relax. I took advantage of the park amenities and did some washing first thing.

There are lots of people here already although the Muster doesn't officially start until Monday.

They don't need to cut the grass in the park as there are dozens of kangaroos and their joeys eating away - and you have to watch where you walk as they leave plenty of trade marks.
My friend Bernie arrived today and we went into Denmark - we had a coffee and he had a home-made sausage roll. I then went to the IGA and stocked up for the week ahead. I bought a cooked chook and it's been for lunch and dinner so far.

There are so many people I know here and I've caught up with a lot of my blog readers - hi again folks.

I rang Mercedes in Perth today and they will get a couple of rubbers for the sway bars in and send them to the park for me - they should arrive mid-week and I can get rid of the annoying rattle.

Television reception here is hopeless so I watched an episode of Father Brown on iview tonight.

Tomorrow looks to be a quiet day with a lot more members arriving.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Thursday, 11th October

The good news is I arrived at the Caravan Park this afternoon. I was heading for Albany after another early start and around lunchtime I woke up to the fact that Albany and Denmark are fairly close together and with just a bit more driving I could make it today.

Quite a few other ACC members have arrived today and a lot more will arrive tomorrow and Saturday,

Daughter Jackie and Dennis worked here at the park and owner Mandy was delighted to meet Jackie's dad! In fact I got a big hug from her.

The scooter battery was flat so I enlisted some help and it was soon on the ground. The battery is now charging so I'll be on two wheels in the morning which is good as it's very spread out spacious park.

It's good to be here and get set up' I can't get telly so that's a shame but at least I've got power and water here plus there are lovely amenities.

No pics today - sorry folks,

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wednesday, 10th October

Today has been a laid back kind of day. I woke early as usual and got on the road straight after breakfast.

My Tom Tom tried to tell me I was going the wrong way but I knew better although I did wonder at first. I finally cleared the destination and set it again. Fine that time!

Tomorrow I'll get close to Denmark - it's less that 600km so I'll just leave a bit for Friday.

The wind chill has been horrible here today - such a pity as it's a lovely place.

I had a noise that was prominent on rough but sealed roads and yesterday I found the cause - a rubber had come out of one side of the front sway bay. I'll try to get another one but it's not really a worry. I'm not sure if the mechanic put it in when he repaired the sway bar.

The sun went in when I took a video - a pity because the sand is so white when the sun is out.
It's better to watch it full screen - it takes a little while to load. Tap the little box on the bottom right.

Here's the stormy looking sunset!

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Tuesday, 9th October

Another good day's run. I was on the road about 7am - it gets light early in these parts I've found.

I drove to just past Norsemen before finding a nice quiet spot to put my head down later on. Once again I've got Internet coverage - without the antenna this time.The phone's got a couple of bars as well. A bit over 500km today.

I've caught up with my Facebook posts as well as now the blog.

I probably forgot to mention that when Yemmy was being loaded on to the tilt truck the driver put his hook around the sway bar and it broke! He fixed it all up for me but I've been having a noise under the front on rough passages today and I've discovered that one of the sway bar rubbers has come out. It will be easily fixed but it's nice to know what the rattle is.

Tomorrow night I'm going to camp at Cape Le Grande - it's not that far off track and it's a lovely place. It's in the National Park and I've been there before.

Here's tonight's campsite.
And here's something I saw at a rest area this afternoon - I thought it was cute.

The place nearby is BallaDONEia

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Monday, 8th October

I had a good run yesterday after leaving Streaky Bay around 3pm and by the time I stopped I had done about 300km.

With an early start today plus the time change at the WA border I was able to get within 500 km of Norseman so should get past there tomorrow. I've done 800km since leaving Streaky Bay yesterday afternoon. It's still early but I'm a bit tired so need the rest.

There's no phone coverage but with the antenna I'm able to  use the Internet.

I caught up with another couple going to Denmark but they were going on further before stopping. I tried to call them on the CB but my battery was flat - it's charging as I type.

I managed to finish my column last night and sent it with the pictures to GoRV by dropbox. Editor Max emailed me this morning to say they had arrived safely - ain't technowlegy grate!

Here's were I'm stopped tonight:

Not very picturesque but nice and quiet and off the road - cheap enough as well!

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Sunday 7th Oct

After a tilt truck ride of 400km the fault was just a fuel line that come adrift. I spent a lot of time 50m from the Nullarbor but hope to get past there tomorrow. Lots of pics but no time!

I'm now settled for the night having covered 300 or so km this afternoon. Streaky Bay is a lovely place and truck driver Mick lent me a ute to go shopping and have a look around. When I got back he had found the fault. This meant I could get away after I took Yemmy for a 50km proving run. With day light saving in I was able to drive later.

Here's the Streaky Bay Foreshore.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Days 3 and 4

Here's the post from last night:

Day 3
No reception here at my night stop off the highway among trees so I'm doing the blog offline and will paste it in when I get coverage,

I'm 1,420 km from home – not bad for three days travel. Just 1,740 to Denmark.

Ceduna is a nice spot – I had lunch near the sea and did some shopping. I also bought a charging cable for the phone so that's all ok now.

It's been windy today and Yemmy was drinking the diesel too fast so I slowed him down to 100 k/ph and that will be better I think.

I've been exploring an off road track and finished up in a nice spot – again I can hear traffic but it's not distracting. My solitary mate has been a friendly magpie – but I had nothing to give him . Sorry mag.

There will be pictures when I transfer this to my blog.

Tonight's dinner was a frozen supposedly Chinese meal I cooked in the oven. I must stop buying those things – they are OK sometimes but others are yuk. Like tonight's effort – it was dry and mostly rice and the magpie nearly got it.

Day 4
What started as a lovely day turned out to be just the opposite!
I was on the road by 7.30 and about an hour later the EDC light lit up on the dash and the engine cut out. I coasted to a halt on the edge of the road and looked in the handbook to see what it meant. It
was either the fuel filter or the fuel pump.

With 1 bar phone reception at best I managed to call the RACV and after some more calls and time passing, I thought I had it fixed but was waiting for a confirmation call that never came as the No Service signal was on all afternoon. I couldn't ring anyone to check but eventually a tilt truck arrived but it was too small! He drove off having taken measurements and saying he would organise something. He returned shortly afterwards saying he had thought of something. The something was a cradle that carried Yemmy's front wheels. The pic will show how it worked.

He took me to a rest area right on the edge of the Nullarbor so I'm off the road and they will organise something in the morning. I don't know if it can be fixed out here but at least something will happen - it was tedious waiting all afternoon for a truck that might or might not be coming!

Here are pics from yesterday and today:

This was my lunch stop on the lovely Ceduna foreshore.

I bought a charging lead for my phone as well - wasn't that lucky!

This was the lovely peaceful spot where I spent the night yesterday - just me and a magpie.

I didn't really want to spend the night so close to the road! 

I spent the afternoon looking in the mirrors to see if the RAA truck was coming

A new game for Yemmy - but it worked well

....and so ended an eventful day and probably my Nullarbor crossing!

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Day 2 - Wed 3rd Oct

I was a bit tired last night when I stopped at rest area just short of Renmark. I've been sneezing a lot with a hay fever session plus it was hot - very hot 35c in Yemmy and it stayed over 30c for ages. I went to bed very early intending to read but went to sleep in my natural pyjamas with just a sheet covering me. It did cool off a bit after midnight but by about 5am I'd had enough and got up. This meant I was ready for an early start and was on the road just after 6am.

The trip today was great -all those lovely little South Oz towns and most with a lot of history about them. I didn't stop for pictures - sorry!

I did get one of tonight's scenic spot - a gravel dump between Iron Knob and Ceduna. You can hear traffic but not enough to be annoying. I'm surprised that I've got Internet coverage although my phone says 'No Service'. The antenna I use for my Big Pond Device certainly helps.

I set myself a daily target of 400km and so far I'm well over on both days. Talk again soon depending on coverage.

Day 2

Monday, 1 October 2018

Tuesday, 1st day of my trip to Denmark, WA

It's been a good day for traveling although a tad hot at times. I got away just after 8.30 and have now  stopped as I was getting tired. It's about 3.30 SA time as I've gained 30 minutes. I'm in a rest area about 20km from Renmark.

Eveyone takes a picture of the Brim Silos so I thought I might as well do the same - some of you may not have seen them before.

My old Falcon wagon is still going well in son Chris's hands

He and Marijana were over from Adelaide for  the weekend

Tomorrows destination will be somewhere near Port Augusta.

Monday 1st October

 Yemmy's fairly ready for the trip which we will start tomorrow. I'm hoping to reach Renmark or nearby tomorrow night. I'll be staying overnight in free camps as far as possible and clocking up between 400 and 500 km daily.

When I say fairly ready I mean the water tank is full, the doona is on the bed and a lot of stuff has been loaded. In the morning there's the laptop and accessories, a few items from the fridge and other sundries to load and we will be ready for the road.

I don't know if I'll have reception when I stop so the blog will probably be a bit sporadic - so what's new I hear you say!

Son Chris and Marijana left for Adelaide this morning and he rang just now to say they had arrived home safely around three PM. Jackie and Dennis will stay a bit longer before heading back to Alice Springs.