Thursday, 11 October 2018

Thursday, 11th October

The good news is I arrived at the Caravan Park this afternoon. I was heading for Albany after another early start and around lunchtime I woke up to the fact that Albany and Denmark are fairly close together and with just a bit more driving I could make it today.

Quite a few other ACC members have arrived today and a lot more will arrive tomorrow and Saturday,

Daughter Jackie and Dennis worked here at the park and owner Mandy was delighted to meet Jackie's dad! In fact I got a big hug from her.

The scooter battery was flat so I enlisted some help and it was soon on the ground. The battery is now charging so I'll be on two wheels in the morning which is good as it's very spread out spacious park.

It's good to be here and get set up' I can't get telly so that's a shame but at least I've got power and water here plus there are lovely amenities.

No pics today - sorry folks,

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