Friday, 12 October 2018

Friday, 12th October

I woke up early as usual and then realized I didn't have to drive anywhere today and could relax. I took advantage of the park amenities and did some washing first thing.

There are lots of people here already although the Muster doesn't officially start until Monday.

They don't need to cut the grass in the park as there are dozens of kangaroos and their joeys eating away - and you have to watch where you walk as they leave plenty of trade marks.
My friend Bernie arrived today and we went into Denmark - we had a coffee and he had a home-made sausage roll. I then went to the IGA and stocked up for the week ahead. I bought a cooked chook and it's been for lunch and dinner so far.

There are so many people I know here and I've caught up with a lot of my blog readers - hi again folks.

I rang Mercedes in Perth today and they will get a couple of rubbers for the sway bars in and send them to the park for me - they should arrive mid-week and I can get rid of the annoying rattle.

Television reception here is hopeless so I watched an episode of Father Brown on iview tonight.

Tomorrow looks to be a quiet day with a lot more members arriving.

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