Saturday, 23 June 2018

Day 27

I was going to give Yemmy a run to the shops today but my friend Paul from next door offered to take me.

Before that I ran out of gas for the barby just as I was all set to cook breakfast. A bottle swap fixed that and the bacon was soon sizzling. We took the cylinder to Mareeba and they filled it for just $5.60 - it was a 2kg bottle and I call that cheap

The shopping should last me the week although Paul say's he will take me at any time I like. There are some good people around.

This picture is the one I have on my computer screen at the moment and is one I took from the helicopter two years ago. It is just along the road from Walkamin.

My TV used to record programmes on a memory stick but yesterday it kept asking for a memory stick to be inserted even though there was one in the slot. I eventually found and fixed the trouble - when I had cleared the sticks ready for more recording the computer had formatted them to a Mac only format. I eventually worked it out and reformatted. Tonight the stick worked fine and I was able to watch recorded programmes. Riveting information I'm sure!

My friend Chris showed me today how to put all your cards on the iphone to they can scan the phone without you having to find the card, That will save a bit of fiddling at the check out.

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