Friday, 22 June 2018

Day 26

Finally, this afternoon the new battery arrived for this computer. I'd walked to the Post Office this morning to be told that the Post Office counter is only open from 9am till 10am and then reopens at 2pm until 4pm. It was about 10.15 so I walked back to the park and went back on my scooter after lunch. Hooray it was there and so my friend and computer guru Chris was able to take the back off the computer and fit the new battery.

It works! It did give me a bit of a right when I got back to Yemmy and it wouldn't turn on.. It needed the charger connecting and then it was fine. I charged it to 100% and now am testing to see how long it lasts before it needs another charge.

Tonight was barbeque night and a good crowd gathered in the 'shed' for dinner.
There were other tables but this gives an idea of how many were there. Sunday is the State of Origin and I have absolutely NO interest  but there's a feed of a hot dog and trimmings before the match so I'll go over for that. It is expensive - just $4!

I've got a mouse! No not a little rodent but a computer mouse. I left mine at home by mistake and using the trackpad was driving me insane. OK - I know that wasn't very far!

I've borrowed one until the one I ordered today comes in and oh what a difference a mouse makes! 

Steps to day 3,340 and 2.3km

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