Thursday, 21 June 2018

Day 25

I forgot to mention yesterday that we'd had music last night. A lady breezed into happy hour and asked if we'd like some music?  We said yes and next thing her husband is setting up all his gear including a rack with his CDs on sale for $10 each. He was quite good and even though I went back to Yemmy for dinner I could still hear the music and his singing.

Still no computer battery today but I did buy some things from the shop/Post Office including a large bottle of Ginger Beer and 2 litres of milk. The bag was getting heavy by the time I got back to Yemmy.

Mid-afternoon I went for a walk to the far end of the property and suddenly heard a helicopter very low and in fact it landed on the verge of the road that runs along the back of the park. I  was going to turn around and walk back but I couldn't resist walking along the road to the chopper and having a yarn with the crewman.

It turns out they are in contract with the electricity people and their job is spraying the conductors to clean them and stop shorting. There's a wind farm under construction in the area and they spray there to keep the dust down. A most interesting chat with the crewman and the driver of the support truck that rolled up soon after touch down.

On the way back to Yemmy I spotted a van with a funny sign painted on the back

In case you can't read it, it says:
'Old Fart  Tired Tart  & Spare Part'
All that walking today brought my steps up to 4,707 and 3.4km

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