Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Day 45

You probably realize it's the Final State of Origin tonight.

Maroons on the left, Blues to the right and those like me who are colour-blind in the middle.

Photographer Christine managed to get in the pic - that's her second from the right.

Most people stayed on from happy hour to have hamburgers and watch the match but I came home to watch Think Tank on the  ABC.

This afternoon Brian and Christine took me into Mareeba. First stop was the garage where Yemmy is living as I needed to get a couple of shirts. They still haven't looked at him yet so I need patience - something I sadly lack.

More fruitful was a visit to the NAB where I manged to change my Business Account to a No Fee Account. I was paying $10 a month previously.

Then we raided Coles and I stocked up as it looks like I'll be here for a while yet.

The pleasant afternoon ended with a visit to the coffee shop at the Information Centre. 

When I left here to go shopping on Sunday I left stuff on the ground expecting to come back and put it all back. It now looks like a garage sale!

I've been busy writing today - my next column is about half finished and I've got headings for the rest of it. I've also written a short obit to go in our ACC Nomad magazine for a friend who passed on suddenly recently.

Steps have not been forgotten - 3,314 steps and 2.3km. I had most of this written earlier but after I looked somewhere else to check something Murphy had made it disappear and I had to start over again!!!!!!!


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