Monday, 16 July 2018

Day 50

Well I've got some news - they rang to say Yemmy really needs a new diff! I replied that if Yemmy really needs a new diff he'd better have a new diff! So tomorrow they are going to get some prices and let me know what to expect. I hope they realise that dual wheel Sprinters have a lower ratio diff than single wheels. I guess that will make it harder to find the right parts.

Watch this space!

Today Graham took me into Mareeba where we had a look at Yemmy and saw they had indeed started work on him. Then some shopping before getting back in time to go out with Brian and Christine, my Tassie friends, who are leaving tomorrow. We went out to Jacques Coffee Plantation for lunch and some delicious coffee.

Then it was over to a sausage sizzle - a tradition when Arthur and Colleen leave Walkamin although they don't leave until Wednesday. A very nice evening among old and new friends.   

This was the night sky last night as I came home from happy hour - a sunset with the new moon and the evening star overhead.

No deliberate walking today but I still clocked 3,716 steps and 2.6km. The fact that I had a hamburger for lunch and a sausage in a bread roll for dinner would have cancelled out my walking. Never mind - tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Day 49

I've got fingers and everything else crossed hoping that by this time tomorrow I'll have the good/bad news about Yemmy and how it will affect my plans to leave here on the 26th of this month!

There wasn't too much to write about today so I took a few pics while getting my steps in. ( 4,206 and 3.1km so far today btw). I've found out who my Facebook friend Marg is who was challenging for most daily steps - she's here in the park!

 View from the back of the park.

How would you be climbing this? (Click the little square bottom right for full screen and then hit escape to return to the blog) 

I guess this is for another parking area for the rail trail that runs alongside the park

If bananas grew on trees this would be a banana tree! Commercially they just use the new plants each year and chop down the old ones. 
There are lovely views wherever you look up here on the Tablelands  - this is looking at the hills from the Post Office

Day 48

Today was great! Ken and Sylvia picked me up at 10.30 and we went into Atherton where I picked up a bottle of Lindemans Collection Port, some nice Pepato cheese and some seeds and grains biscuits ready for our Port and cheese evening tonight - that was a lovely time with lots of old and new friends.

We had a coffee at the Bakery and then a look around a sort of better class Reject Shop where I bought a little led light to use when I'm in bed and don't want to get out when I've finished reading.

When we got back I noticed a strange vehicle in the park called a 'Farmagator':

Apparently all farms must have a 'Gator' for use around the farm. This one started it's life as a Barina but because park owner Lucy complained that they didn't have a 'Gator' at the farm, Terry converted the Barina into a 'Gator' while she was out shopping one day! It's here at the park now while Terry fixes up the Mini-Moke that does the dustbin collections and is in need of attention.

This afternoon I went for a stroll around Walkamin in the lovely sunshine and got my steps up - 4,294 steps and 3.1km!

As expected the port and cheese night was a great success with lots of great conversationss and I've just got home at 8.30. I might watch some telly or read for a while before lights out.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Day 47

Another relaxing day - it was sunny and I was able to sit out on the verandah and read plus have my lunch outside. My first job was to walk to the shop and buy some milk as I was getting low.

Tonight was the usual Friday night barbecue night and there was a good crowd in the shed. No phone calls all day but two while talking to neighbours at happy hour.

Tomorrow night is a port and cheese night and friends Ken and Sylvia have offered to take me to the shops to buy some cheese and port in the morning.
While out walking in the caravan park this morning I took a shot of the back of the spacious grounds.

It was lucky I took my torch to happy hour because it was quite dark when I wandered home tonight - completing my 3,615 steps and 2.5km.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Day 46

Another busy writing day - I finished the column and sent it and the pictures off to Max.

The wind blows right across the verandah of my cabin so although the sun was shining the wind chill made it feel very cold and I spent much of the day inside when not out for my walk. Steps were a few hundred down but the average for the week stayed over my 3,000 target.

The Queensland Maroons won last nights State of Origin in case anyone is interested!

Here's a better view of my cabin

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Day 45

You probably realize it's the Final State of Origin tonight.

Maroons on the left, Blues to the right and those like me who are colour-blind in the middle.

Photographer Christine managed to get in the pic - that's her second from the right.

Most people stayed on from happy hour to have hamburgers and watch the match but I came home to watch Think Tank on the  ABC.

This afternoon Brian and Christine took me into Mareeba. First stop was the garage where Yemmy is living as I needed to get a couple of shirts. They still haven't looked at him yet so I need patience - something I sadly lack.

More fruitful was a visit to the NAB where I manged to change my Business Account to a No Fee Account. I was paying $10 a month previously.

Then we raided Coles and I stocked up as it looks like I'll be here for a while yet.

The pleasant afternoon ended with a visit to the coffee shop at the Information Centre. 

When I left here to go shopping on Sunday I left stuff on the ground expecting to come back and put it all back. It now looks like a garage sale!

I've been busy writing today - my next column is about half finished and I've got headings for the rest of it. I've also written a short obit to go in our ACC Nomad magazine for a friend who passed on suddenly recently.

Steps have not been forgotten - 3,314 steps and 2.3km. I had most of this written earlier but after I looked somewhere else to check something Murphy had made it disappear and I had to start over again!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Day 44

Not a lot happened today. There was a very cold wind this morning so going out wasn't attractive! I did walk to the post office only to find the Post Office part of the shop was closed because it was the Atherton Show and a public holiday.

I cooked some corned beef and some vegies in an electric frypan but I lacked some ingredients and it was pretty bland. It boiled over as well so there was water on the floor to clean up. Murphy?

I did go walking in the afternoon and clocked up 4,054 steps and 2.9km.

Sorry no pictures today.