Saturday, 21 July 2018

Day 55

The day started with a raging sore throat and a sore back. I haven't been taking my Panacetemol Osteo while taking other pain killers but decided today to start them again. As the day wore on I felt a bit better ,

I'm still being looked after - Sylvia and Ken did my shopping including taking back my out of date hearing aid batteries that I'd been sold during the week, and swapping them for new ones. Friend Chris came over to say wife Carol was making pumpkin soup and would I like some later. I said yes please and it was nice soup - unfortunately my taste has faded and I didn't taste the full flavour.

Son Chris rang and we had a nice chat as he was driving to pick up Marijana's mum.

A lazy day with no steps to boast about. I'll have to stir myself on Monday as I only brought two weeks supply of medication and I'll have to get some more from Yemmy and to check on whether the plate of the diff was damaged when they changed the tyres at Moranbah. Even if it was damaged it would be hard to prove.

My friend Tony is going through a traumatic time - he's had a cancer of a lower eyelid removed and is facing plastic surgery when it heals up. He sent me a picture of his bandaged face - looked a bit like an Egyptian Mummy!

Friday, 20 July 2018

Day 54

What a night! My sniffle turned into a real fair dinkum cold and my throat was on fire. It eased a bit when I got up and swallowed some Panadols - swallowing was a problem as well. This morning after some more pills it eased a bit - particularly after some kind ladies gave me some Vicks lollies, some more Panadols and a box of tissues!

I haven't done much today - no walking. Reading my kindle a bit, playing card games on the computer and dozing when next door's dogs weren't barking. I think he's leaving in the morning - good riddance I say because he's been fiddling with his engine and running it all morning.

Here's another pic from yesterday:

Colleen sent me pictures from the Leap Hotel near Mackay. The story goes that there was a massacre and some of the aborigine women threw themselves and their children off a nearby high hill. Hence the name 'The Leap" One particular baby survived and has descendents still living near Mackay. I've often driven past The Leap Hotel and its free camp but hadn't noticed the statues.

Thanks Colleen and Arthur - travel well and safe.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Day 53

This morning after moving house, a group of Walkaminites drove up to Ravenshoe to celebrate Graham's birthday by having lunch in Queensland's highest hotel - and a lovely lunch it was,
 That's Graham in the far distance between the two doors.

Have you ever seen a footpath consume alcohol whether licenced or not?
This pub is the highest in Queensland

In these days of political correctness they are lucky to get away with this picture!

A good day and it continued at happy hour with a cake and candles..

I finally managed to get my old Business Name and ABN cancelled by a helpful lady at the Australian Tax Office and the bank rang to say they have now seen my new Business name and ABN so are processing the new account.

With a good start when moving all my stuff to my new cabin, I managed to break my 3,000 step goal by just 78 steps!

I've got a picture or two for tomorrow night that Colleen Price sent from The Leap Hotel.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Day 52

Today started as another day of dealing with  government departments and searching for a non-existent Tax File Number etc.

Then came the shock that I'd been preparing myself for - the phone call that started with, "Are you sitting down?" "The cost will be $6,000!" That includes the cost of the diff and freight charges plus assembling it all and it will take 5 working days to get up here from Melbourne.

They estimate that it will be Friday week before I get Yemmy back and can start my travels again. It's a lot of money but really there's no other way out. The RACV did offer to take Yemmy back to Melbourne but what would happen then - it was not a practical alternative so I just had to agree to getting him fixed up here. The garage did say that when they have finished assembling and fitting the diff it will be like a new one. I hope they are right!

Arthur and Colleen left this morning and came to say goodbye - we'll meet again somewhere in this great brown land I'm sure. Terry and Judy left very early and I didn't see tham go.

Quite a few people have booked in today and many of them ask, "Do you remember us?" They are people I've met some time ago and had completely forgotten! Sorry folks - the old brain doesn't work too well at times these days. Then after we chat a bit, little snippets come back and little incidents jog the memory.

I'll be sleeping in a single bed tomorrow - the one in this cabin is a Queen but cabin 3 has two singles. It won't take very long to change abodes in the morning.

Steps are a bit down again but I was a bit busy again today. Tomorrow I promise there will be steps and pictures.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Day 51

The day started ok as I did a bit of washing but the dryer didn't work so I dried the clothes on the little rack at the back of the cabin. It was lovely and sunny so they soon dried .

Then I got into a lot of complicated work on the computer. I needed to create a new business name and ABN and then cancel the old one as it still had my late wife as a partner and she's been gone more than ten years. I got a lift into the bank at Mareeba and that became a bit long as they had to phone the branch at Mornington where we had set up the business account originally.

I now have a new business name - 'Lionel Mussell Productions' and a new ABN and have cancelled the old ones after quite a few phone discussions.

I don't think the bank have completed their work yet but it's under way.

Christmas is coming - at least Christmas in July next week.

Sorry no pics today but tomorrow I should get some relaxing and walking time. A little short of steps today - 2,712 and 1.9km

Monday, 16 July 2018

Day 50

Well I've got some news - they rang to say Yemmy really needs a new diff! I replied that if Yemmy really needs a new diff he'd better have a new diff! So tomorrow they are going to get some prices and let me know what to expect. I hope they realise that dual wheel Sprinters have a lower ratio diff than single wheels. I guess that will make it harder to find the right parts.

Watch this space!

Today Graham took me into Mareeba where we had a look at Yemmy and saw they had indeed started work on him. Then some shopping before getting back in time to go out with Brian and Christine, my Tassie friends, who are leaving tomorrow. We went out to Jacques Coffee Plantation for lunch and some delicious coffee.

Then it was over to a sausage sizzle - a tradition when Arthur and Colleen leave Walkamin although they don't leave until Wednesday. A very nice evening among old and new friends.   

This was the night sky last night as I came home from happy hour - a sunset with the new moon and the evening star overhead.


No deliberate walking today but I still clocked 3,716 steps and 2.6km. The fact that I had a hamburger for lunch and a sausage in a bread roll for dinner would have cancelled out my walking. Never mind - tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Day 49

I've got fingers and everything else crossed hoping that by this time tomorrow I'll have the good/bad news about Yemmy and how it will affect my plans to leave here on the 26th of this month!

There wasn't too much to write about today so I took a few pics while getting my steps in. ( 4,206 and 3.1km so far today btw). I've found out who my Facebook friend Marg is who was challenging for most daily steps - she's here in the park!

 View from the back of the park.

How would you be climbing this? (Click the little square bottom right for full screen and then hit escape to return to the blog) 

I guess this is for another parking area for the rail trail that runs alongside the park

If bananas grew on trees this would be a banana tree! Commercially they just use the new plants each year and chop down the old ones. 
There are lovely views wherever you look up here on the Tablelands  - this is looking at the hills from the Post Office