Friday, 26 October 2018

Friday, October 16th.

It's hard to believe I'm home and don't have to search for a nice place to spend the night - there's no-where better that here in my own home although the other camping spots were nice as well.

On the way home Yemmy was spotted by one of my eagle eyed band members who messaged me to ask if I was coming to the band playout at the Stawell Show tomorrow! I am but had forgotten when it was on as I hadn't expected to be home for it.

I'm going to one of my Grandson's place at Somerville on Sunday night late - that way I'll miss a lot of the Melbourne traffic and then after a catch up on Monday morning, Yemmy's off to Eric for some needed maintenance.

This will be the last blog for a while but I'll try to do a trip summary and then an update on Yemmy's repairs.

Thanks for staying with me on the trip - GoRV is out today with a few nice pictures in my column and a couple of funnies besides a bit more on Yemmy's troubles -

It will be nice sleeping in a bigger bed tonight - Yemmy's bed is OK but a little restrictive - oh yes and longer in the shower.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Thursday, 25th October

Camped in the bush again - driving through the Riverland I nearly gave up but sure enough this lovely quiet spot turned up.

I had a bit of a scare in Port Augusta - I'd stopped to fix the light bar on the scooter and when I got back in the gear lever wouldn't come out of Park. I ran the RAA and arranged for help but then I remembered there was a hole in Yemmy One's gear selector and you could unlock the solenoid with a pencil or similar. I rang Eric who confirmed there was a place near the gear lever to do the same trick. It worked so I cancelled the breakdown callout. However the errant light bar had blown a fuse and the cruise control wouldn't work although I disconnected the light bar and changed the blown fuse. That fixed the gear lever but not the cruise control. Driving without it is tiring but I've only a bit over 400km to home in the morning.

So there are a few things for my mate Eric to fix next week - what a great friend he is!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Wednesday, 24th October

A lazy start to day because they took 3 hours back at the border and it was dark this morning and so I slept later and didn't hit the road until about 8.30. It wasn't a good idea to camp in the rest area as a few road trains came through during the night.

It's only about 900 or so km to home but I'll take two days and go via Renmark and Mildura to avoid Adelaide traffic which will be easier on Yemmy's auto box. He's going extra well but I'm gentle with him through the gears.

The pics are the windmills at Penang and Yemmy's bush camp tonight.

Tuesday, 23rd October

Well that's the Nullabor done for the 11th time! Left Norseman area early and as it was such a nice sunny day and Yemmy was purring along so nicely I clocked just over 900km.

Today I'll take it a bit easier now I'm back in civilization - by the way I'm writing this Wed morning before I head off.

Not too much for pictures - the Bight looked lovely but I've got pics from earlier trips.

There seem to be more emergency landing strips but the memory is a bit hazy as the last crossing was many years ago.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Monday, 22nd October

It was great muster but all good things come to an end so this morning saw me out of the park and on my way before 7am.

The day started wet, windy and a bit dismal but as the day progressed it cleared up and where I'm camped a bit east of Norseman it's lovely and sunny.

Yemmy has done well and his sway bar rattle is not too bad - in fact I don't hear it most of the time. I'm not wearing my hearing aids for travelling so I guess that helps.

I'm 730km from the caravan park and it was nice easy going although Yemmy needed a few drinks!. My Tom Tom GPS cut off the corner so I didn't need to go to Esperance today.

Here's my night stop in the sunshine.

Tomorrow I'll be somewhere across the Nullarbor - I believe this is the twelfth time I've crossed the so-called treeless plain - the plain really is north of the road and doesn't have any trees.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Saturday and Sunday, 20th and 21st October

Today was the last day of a great muster and in the morning I'll be on my way home. I'll be leaving early as I've packed everything away and loaded the scooter.

Yesterday was our Annual General Meeting followed by a dinner dance with a very good four piece band - keyboard, saxophone, drums and guitar plus vocals.

It was huge job getting 360 people fed but it was managed well with random tables named called to go and get served at one of the three serving stations.

On Saturday I had a breakfast crepe for lunch and it was delicious!

This is a shot of just some of the people at the dinner - plus me with one of our Branch members.

Some of us Lone Trekkers have been out to Mrs Jones Cafe today and I had the Marron. Not bad.

My shoulder is nearly better and the graze on my knee is OK. I'm still a silly boy!

Friday, 19 October 2018

Thursday and Friday, 18th & 19th October

There has been so much going on that I've tended to forget the Blog.

Yesterday Bernie and I went for a visit to Mt Barker and the lookout - well worth the trip. We also visited an Historic Church set in the lovely countryside.

The scenery was lovely but the clouds detracted a bit. The television tower services a large area including Denmark - not that we can get much where we are at Ocean Beach.

At night we had a casserole dinner - nice but very noisy!

Today was another bus tour - this time it was food of all sorts. We started at a 'Meadery' with tastes of mead and honey products. Then came a cheese place - nice - followed by chocolate.

A piper was playing as we arrived at one place and he was still going when we left - I'm not a fan!