Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Day 24

I'm still reaching my self-set target of 3,000 steps a day and today I walked to the Post Office first and still no battery. At the end of the day it was up to 3,338 steps and 2.4km so I was happy.

On the way back I spotted this sign -
This park is certainly very busy at the moment and more friends from past years made themselves known today. At happy hour one fellow was showing off the cushion he had made using the aerial shot I took from a helicopter two years ago. The pic is from when he got the cushion made two years ago. There have been lots of copies of the picture made  - but only the one cushion!
I'm on the same site this year as I was two years ago when he showed me the cushion.

Keeping track on how much data you have used is always a bit of a worry so this mornings data usage report was particularly pleasing.

It seems you can order fish and chips etc on Wednesdays and they are delivered to the shed. I didn't know about that so I made a large stew using some pork that had been tough when I'd barbecued some a couple of days ago. 

I put in a tin of 4 bean mix, a tin of tomatoes, some potatoes, the chopped up pork and some stock plus herbs and it was quite nice. There's plenty for tomorrow - and maybe Friday as well.

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