Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Day 23

Not too much to report today. The new battery for the computer hadn't arrived yet when I rang this morning - maybe tomorrow.

I took two Osteo tablets before bed last night and it helped me get a good night's rest so I'll try the same again tonight.

It was getting near the time I send my column to GoRV so I spent most of the morning writing - I guess it's still writing when you bash it out on the computer. Having the blog to look back on is a great help and of course the pictures for the blog double for the column.

I did use the scooter today to take my toilet cassette to the dump point - it's quite a long way so the scooter makes it much easier.

Here's a picture of the fire in the 'shed' - I took it last year but it still is a cheery sight.

I didn't go to happy hour in the shed tonight - my friend Paul next door has his own little happy hour and when I went across to show him something on the computer he offered me some port. Of course I said no thanks but it tasted lovely! The other people were all friends from other years here.

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