Monday, 18 June 2018

Days 21 & 22

I've been a bit busy these past two days and didn't get the blog updated last night. So many old friends and acquaintances to catch up with plus setting up a bit more permanently as I'll be here for six weeks.

Today - Monday - for instance I've done the washing that had been building up for the past three weeks.

Yesterday after deciding to leave Henrietta Creek I drove through beautiful scenery to get to Atherton where I did some shopping including buying some shorts because that seems to have been the only things forgotten for the trip.

Sunday night is quiz night where everyone brings two questions and answers and Lynne, the Manager, reads them out. Quite hilarious fun! I haven't been drinking during the trip but I'd carried a bottle of sparkling red in the fridge from home so last night I drank the whole bottle for happy hour and sitting by the lovely fire afterwards. I staggered home a little tipsy and a lot happy.

Unfortunately my back has been aching in bed and that does break up my sleep a bit.

Today I walked up to the Post Office to get some milk and check if my computer battery had arrived. An email later told me it would be here in the morning. During the walk I spotted a wind farm under construction and took some video.

I suggest you watch in full screen

This afternoon I put up the shade cloth that fits to the awning and that will give shade in the afternoon and makes a bit more privacy. I've also got the antenna up and good TV reception.

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