Sunday, 17 June 2018

Day 20

The day started early for me – I was on the road by 7am and Tom led me around an intricate pattern of byways. It was all sugar country and there were lots of loaded trucks and one train hauling a lot of full wagons.

I eventually came out on the Bruce Highway just after Home Hill and there was the Burdekin Bridge in all it's glory. I managed a quick stop for a few pictures but couldn't linger on the bridge too long because of traffic.

It was a lovely scenic drive and I remembered so much from the many other times we visited up here. Plus some since I've been on my own.

They have changed the road and you have to turn off to get to the lookout to see Hinchingbrook Island and I missed it! I got one of it from Cardwell to make up!

When I got to Henrietta Creek Campground I found that the site I booked was a very shady one and there wasn't much solar happening. I think I'll leave in the morning – I'm sure there will be a spot somewhere at Walkamin if I arrive a day early!

I took a few pics of the creek and of a bit of info about it. A walk to the creek crossing and another to the platypus pool took my steps to 2,685 and 1.9 km. Not too shabby.

Prawns and bug tails for dinner – much better that the KFC I had for lunch. I had the selection box and everything was thickly coated - it was hard to get off to reveal the chicken underneath. KFC used to be my favorite but not any more!

I walked along to the platypus pool but they were not out to play! I was very watchful along the way.

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