Sunday, 24 June 2018

Day 28

It doesn't seem possible but I've been here a week - eight days if you count the day I arrived. The weather has been cloudy most of the day and it tried to rain when I went for my walk this afternoon - I still managed 3,166 steps and 2.3km though.

It's State of Origin Rugby match tonight and they put on a special feed in the shed - hot dogs in bread rolls and choice of onion, bacon and/or cheese topping. There were lots of lovely sweets but I was a good boy and didn't have any. My scales tell me that I'm keeping my weight down OK.

With no interest in football I retired to Yemmy when the Telecast came on!

Jim was getting into the spirit of the match long before it had even started.

The ladies had done a wonderful job of the catering and then hopped in with the washing up.

.....and there were plenty of sweets to follow!

It's the French Grand Prix tonight but I don't believe it will be live on the telly so I'll wait till the morning and watch the live commentary as if it were live!

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