Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wednesday, 10th October

Today has been a laid back kind of day. I woke early as usual and got on the road straight after breakfast.

My Tom Tom tried to tell me I was going the wrong way but I knew better although I did wonder at first. I finally cleared the destination and set it again. Fine that time!

Tomorrow I'll get close to Denmark - it's less that 600km so I'll just leave a bit for Friday.

The wind chill has been horrible here today - such a pity as it's a lovely place.

I had a noise that was prominent on rough but sealed roads and yesterday I found the cause - a rubber had come out of one side of the front sway bay. I'll try to get another one but it's not really a worry. I'm not sure if the mechanic put it in when he repaired the sway bar.

The sun went in when I took a video - a pity because the sand is so white when the sun is out.
It's better to watch it full screen - it takes a little while to load. Tap the little box on the bottom right.

Here's the stormy looking sunset!

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