Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Tuesday, 9th October

Another good day's run. I was on the road about 7am - it gets light early in these parts I've found.

I drove to just past Norsemen before finding a nice quiet spot to put my head down later on. Once again I've got Internet coverage - without the antenna this time.The phone's got a couple of bars as well. A bit over 500km today.

I've caught up with my Facebook posts as well as now the blog.

I probably forgot to mention that when Yemmy was being loaded on to the tilt truck the driver put his hook around the sway bar and it broke! He fixed it all up for me but I've been having a noise under the front on rough passages today and I've discovered that one of the sway bar rubbers has come out. It will be easily fixed but it's nice to know what the rattle is.

Tomorrow night I'm going to camp at Cape Le Grande - it's not that far off track and it's a lovely place. It's in the National Park and I've been there before.

Here's tonight's campsite.
And here's something I saw at a rest area this afternoon - I thought it was cute.

The place nearby is BallaDONEia

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