Sunday, 7 October 2018

Monday, 8th October

I had a good run yesterday after leaving Streaky Bay around 3pm and by the time I stopped I had done about 300km.

With an early start today plus the time change at the WA border I was able to get within 500 km of Norseman so should get past there tomorrow. I've done 800km since leaving Streaky Bay yesterday afternoon. It's still early but I'm a bit tired so need the rest.

There's no phone coverage but with the antenna I'm able to  use the Internet.

I caught up with another couple going to Denmark but they were going on further before stopping. I tried to call them on the CB but my battery was flat - it's charging as I type.

I managed to finish my column last night and sent it with the pictures to GoRV by dropbox. Editor Max emailed me this morning to say they had arrived safely - ain't technowlegy grate!

Here's were I'm stopped tonight:

Not very picturesque but nice and quiet and off the road - cheap enough as well!

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