Friday, 15 June 2018

Day 19

Well this was a different day alright! Packed up and on the road before 9am but what's that triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle? It came on as I left the Lake and stayed on until I stopped and turned the ignition off. The triangle disappeared but stayed in my mind until I stopped again and looked in the book. If all else fails.......etc! It was the ATC - in other words Automatic Traction Control and it was reacting because Yemmy tended to spin his wheels in the sandy track.

After that it was a lovely run to Collinsville where I refilled my water tank at the free RV camp.
Sorry I cropped the sign a bit!

After that I went to a Foodland and replenished my groceries. etc. I was out of milk as well as a lot of other things. Talking of food I went to a bakery and had a coffee and a Chicken Curry Pie (Yum!) and a Custard Tart, Then I went looking for a servo but only found one that was closed up. I probably could have made it to Bowen OK but I was relieved to find some diesel at a little show as I was heading out of town.
 Left meant gravel and was shorter - right meant sealed and safer - I went right!

Bowen holds a lot of memories - Vi and I used to stay there a lot and so I did a bit of a nostalgia tour as the photos will show.
The van park where we used to stay after we found others were too dear.
The Bowls Club where we used to play Bingo
The Band Hall where I used to play with the Bowen Brass Band is now a Men's Shed
This is the view from Flagstaff Hill and there's a lookout and info place at the top of the hill
I moved on from Bowen heading for a night stop at Home Hill but before I got there I changed my mind 

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