Thursday, 14 June 2018

Day 18

My last day at this lovely spot started off a bit cloudy but as the day progressed the sun broke through and my solar panels were putting a good charge into the battery.

Yesterday it was chainsaw disturbing the peace but today it was wipper-snippers (?) - some council workers came and did some tidying up around the place.

Tomorrow I'm heading off - picking up water in Collinsville and maybe do some shopping there or later in the day at Bowen. I'm just about out of most things as I haven't been shopping for quite a while. 

I've made a few friends here this week - Ken and Kay, Dave and Kay and Phillip and not Kay. There are others who I've chatted to while out for my walks - 3,336 steps and 2.3km today.

The computer is checked by a remote techie once a month or so and today was the day. It took a while as they go though everything and fix whatever needs fixing. After they finished they send a report on what they have found and fixed.

I knew the battery was on it's last legs and ordered a new one yesterday - they picked up on the battery needing renewing in their report.

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