Thursday, 25 October 2018

Thursday, 25th October

Camped in the bush again - driving through the Riverland I nearly gave up but sure enough this lovely quiet spot turned up.

I had a bit of a scare in Port Augusta - I'd stopped to fix the light bar on the scooter and when I got back in the gear lever wouldn't come out of Park. I ran the RAA and arranged for help but then I remembered there was a hole in Yemmy One's gear selector and you could unlock the solenoid with a pencil or similar. I rang Eric who confirmed there was a place near the gear lever to do the same trick. It worked so I cancelled the breakdown callout. However the errant light bar had blown a fuse and the cruise control wouldn't work although I disconnected the light bar and changed the blown fuse. That fixed the gear lever but not the cruise control. Driving without it is tiring but I've only a bit over 400km to home in the morning.

So there are a few things for my mate Eric to fix next week - what a great friend he is!

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