Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Day 16

Another lovely day for walking and sitting and talking. I've spent a bit of time with Ken and Kay and have been able to help them with a few web sites including this one so I'd better watch what I say as they will probably read it!

One thing about staying here at this lovely spot is that I'm not spending money - for the first 7 days of the trip I was burning more than $100 a day on diesel. No shops here either so I'm using stuff I brought with me. Tonight was Butter Chicken but heated in a saucepan this time.

I cryo packed some ham off the bone and that's been handy for lunch - there's quite a bit left in the freezer so I'll last till I next go shopping. My quick showers are eking out the water and I've got a jerrycan full if the tank runs dry. During the day I'm using the camp toilet and that is a help.

A few ducks came visiting looking for scraps. This one was very tame and came quite close - he looked to understand what I was saying to him and then went to sleep in the sun.

The dog went kayaking again today - the water looked beautiful and I was a bit envious

The water birds silhouetted at dusk

I'm keeping up the walking - 4,252 steps and 3km today. The scooter is tempting but riding it doesn't improve my health.

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