Friday, 26 October 2018

Friday, October 16th.

It's hard to believe I'm home and don't have to search for a nice place to spend the night - there's no-where better that here in my own home although the other camping spots were nice as well.

On the way home Yemmy was spotted by one of my eagle eyed band members who messaged me to ask if I was coming to the band playout at the Stawell Show tomorrow! I am but had forgotten when it was on as I hadn't expected to be home for it.

I'm going to one of my Grandson's place at Somerville on Sunday night late - that way I'll miss a lot of the Melbourne traffic and then after a catch up on Monday morning, Yemmy's off to Eric for some needed maintenance.

This will be the last blog for a while but I'll try to do a trip summary and then an update on Yemmy's repairs.

Thanks for staying with me on the trip - GoRV is out today with a few nice pictures in my column and a couple of funnies besides a bit more on Yemmy's troubles -

It will be nice sleeping in a bigger bed tonight - Yemmy's bed is OK but a little restrictive - oh yes and longer in the shower.

Bye for now.

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