Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Day 2 - Wed 3rd Oct

I was a bit tired last night when I stopped at rest area just short of Renmark. I've been sneezing a lot with a hay fever session plus it was hot - very hot 35c in Yemmy and it stayed over 30c for ages. I went to bed very early intending to read but went to sleep in my natural pyjamas with just a sheet covering me. It did cool off a bit after midnight but by about 5am I'd had enough and got up. This meant I was ready for an early start and was on the road just after 6am.

The trip today was great -all those lovely little South Oz towns and most with a lot of history about them. I didn't stop for pictures - sorry!

I did get one of tonight's scenic spot - a gravel dump between Iron Knob and Ceduna. You can hear traffic but not enough to be annoying. I'm surprised that I've got Internet coverage although my phone says 'No Service'. The antenna I use for my Big Pond Device certainly helps.

I set myself a daily target of 400km and so far I'm well over on both days. Talk again soon depending on coverage.

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