Friday, 5 October 2018

Days 3 and 4

Here's the post from last night:

Day 3
No reception here at my night stop off the highway among trees so I'm doing the blog offline and will paste it in when I get coverage,

I'm 1,420 km from home – not bad for three days travel. Just 1,740 to Denmark.

Ceduna is a nice spot – I had lunch near the sea and did some shopping. I also bought a charging cable for the phone so that's all ok now.

It's been windy today and Yemmy was drinking the diesel too fast so I slowed him down to 100 k/ph and that will be better I think.

I've been exploring an off road track and finished up in a nice spot – again I can hear traffic but it's not distracting. My solitary mate has been a friendly magpie – but I had nothing to give him . Sorry mag.

There will be pictures when I transfer this to my blog.

Tonight's dinner was a frozen supposedly Chinese meal I cooked in the oven. I must stop buying those things – they are OK sometimes but others are yuk. Like tonight's effort – it was dry and mostly rice and the magpie nearly got it.

Day 4
What started as a lovely day turned out to be just the opposite!
I was on the road by 7.30 and about an hour later the EDC light lit up on the dash and the engine cut out. I coasted to a halt on the edge of the road and looked in the handbook to see what it meant. It
was either the fuel filter or the fuel pump.

With 1 bar phone reception at best I managed to call the RACV and after some more calls and time passing, I thought I had it fixed but was waiting for a confirmation call that never came as the No Service signal was on all afternoon. I couldn't ring anyone to check but eventually a tilt truck arrived but it was too small! He drove off having taken measurements and saying he would organise something. He returned shortly afterwards saying he had thought of something. The something was a cradle that carried Yemmy's front wheels. The pic will show how it worked.

He took me to a rest area right on the edge of the Nullarbor so I'm off the road and they will organise something in the morning. I don't know if it can be fixed out here but at least something will happen - it was tedious waiting all afternoon for a truck that might or might not be coming!

Here are pics from yesterday and today:

This was my lunch stop on the lovely Ceduna foreshore.

I bought a charging lead for my phone as well - wasn't that lucky!

This was the lovely peaceful spot where I spent the night yesterday - just me and a magpie.

I didn't really want to spend the night so close to the road! 

I spent the afternoon looking in the mirrors to see if the RAA truck was coming

A new game for Yemmy - but it worked well

....and so ended an eventful day and probably my Nullarbor crossing!

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