Monday, 22 October 2018

Monday, 22nd October

It was great muster but all good things come to an end so this morning saw me out of the park and on my way before 7am.

The day started wet, windy and a bit dismal but as the day progressed it cleared up and where I'm camped a bit east of Norseman it's lovely and sunny.

Yemmy has done well and his sway bar rattle is not too bad - in fact I don't hear it most of the time. I'm not wearing my hearing aids for travelling so I guess that helps.

I'm 730km from the caravan park and it was nice easy going although Yemmy needed a few drinks!. My Tom Tom GPS cut off the corner so I didn't need to go to Esperance today.

Here's my night stop in the sunshine.

Tomorrow I'll be somewhere across the Nullarbor - I believe this is the twelfth time I've crossed the so-called treeless plain - the plain really is north of the road and doesn't have any trees.

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