Monday, 23 July 2018

Day 57

When I went into Mareeba this morning I had no idea that I'd be launching an insurance claim for Yemmy's diff but having a look again at the damaged parts of the diff caused by lack of oil I got the idea that it just might be covered as accidental damage so when I got home I rang CIL and explained the situation. If the assessor agrees with me I will pay a $500 excess charge and CIL will pick up the rest of the bill - it's a long shot but might just work. Watch this space! It may slow things up while they decide but if I save a few thousand dollars it will be worth a wait although waiting is something I don't do well.

I did a lot of Australian Caravan Club tagalong tours with John and Brenda Somerville both here and in their native New Zealand. Brenda died just recently and I wrote a little piece for our 'Nomad' magazine. Here's the picture I sent the editor to go with the story - it was taken at an early National Muster. Brenda was a lovely lady and will be sadly missed

While out walking today I saw another lovely view so thought I'd share it!

By the way  - they were in time to save the girl from being murdered in the story I was reading last night in bed!

Steps were OK today - 3,510 steps and 2.5km.

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