Sunday, 22 July 2018

Day 56

I finished the blog last night by telling you about my friend Tony's eyelid trouble and mentioned his bandaged face. He's given me permission to put it up on here for all my followers to see.

Perhaps I exaggerated a bit when I said he looked a bit like an Egyptian Mummy - sorry Tony.

Hope it all goes well for you.

I've been feeling so much better today. I walked to the shop this morning for some milk and then this afternoon went for another walk that took my steps for the day up to 4,404 and 3.2 km. I'm very pleased with myself said he boasting.

I even went to Happy Hour and the quiz tonight - lots of people and lots of questions and answers. My friends were pleased to see me back.

When I stopped reading a story on my Kindle this afternoon it had just reached a point where you didn't know if a girl would be murdered overnight. It's 9.45 so I'll go to bed and read to find out if she's alive or dead before I go to sleep.

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