Saturday, 21 July 2018

Day 55

The day started with a raging sore throat and a sore back. I haven't been taking my Panacetemol Osteo while taking other pain killers but decided today to start them again. As the day wore on I felt a bit better ,

I'm still being looked after - Sylvia and Ken did my shopping including taking back my out of date hearing aid batteries that I'd been sold during the week, and swapping them for new ones. Friend Chris came over to say wife Carol was making pumpkin soup and would I like some later. I said yes please and it was nice soup - unfortunately my taste has faded and I didn't taste the full flavour.

Son Chris rang and we had a nice chat as he was driving to pick up Marijana's mum.

A lazy day with no steps to boast about. I'll have to stir myself on Monday as I only brought two weeks supply of medication and I'll have to get some more from Yemmy and to check on whether the plate of the diff was damaged when they changed the tyres at Moranbah. Even if it was damaged it would be hard to prove.

My friend Tony is going through a traumatic time - he's had a cancer of a lower eyelid removed and is facing plastic surgery when it heals up. He sent me a picture of his bandaged face - looked a bit like an Egyptian Mummy!

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