Friday, 20 July 2018

Day 54

What a night! My sniffle turned into a real fair dinkum cold and my throat was on fire. It eased a bit when I got up and swallowed some Panadols - swallowing was a problem as well. This morning after some more pills it eased a bit - particularly after some kind ladies gave me some Vicks lollies, some more Panadols and a box of tissues!

I haven't done much today - no walking. Reading my kindle a bit, playing card games on the computer and dozing when next door's dogs weren't barking. I think he's leaving in the morning - good riddance I say because he's been fiddling with his engine and running it all morning.

Here's another pic from yesterday:

Colleen sent me pictures from the Leap Hotel near Mackay. The story goes that there was a massacre and some of the aborigine women threw themselves and their children off a nearby high hill. Hence the name 'The Leap" One particular baby survived and has descendents still living near Mackay. I've often driven past The Leap Hotel and its free camp but hadn't noticed the statues.

Thanks Colleen and Arthur - travel well and safe.

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