Thursday, 19 July 2018

Day 53

This morning after moving house, a group of Walkaminites drove up to Ravenshoe to celebrate Graham's birthday by having lunch in Queensland's highest hotel - and a lovely lunch it was,
 That's Graham in the far distance between the two doors.

Have you ever seen a footpath consume alcohol whether licenced or not?
This pub is the highest in Queensland

In these days of political correctness they are lucky to get away with this picture!

A good day and it continued at happy hour with a cake and candles..

I finally managed to get my old Business Name and ABN cancelled by a helpful lady at the Australian Tax Office and the bank rang to say they have now seen my new Business name and ABN so are processing the new account.

With a good start when moving all my stuff to my new cabin, I managed to break my 3,000 step goal by just 78 steps!

I've got a picture or two for tomorrow night that Colleen Price sent from The Leap Hotel.

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