Thursday, 26 July 2018

Day 60

Conflicting reports from the repairer and CIL but I believe all's sorted now. Only trouble is I'll still have to wait until the CIL assessor has made his report - could be next week. In the meantime the RACV have said they will no longer pay for my cabin as they don't cover waiting for insurance claims so I'll be paying myself until I get a decision. If it's OK then it will be money well spent and if no it will just add a bit to the expenses but life's too short to worry too much!

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when I wandered over to a Sprinter  - an ex-ambo just like Yemmy 1. The lady owner was an ACC member of the Tassie Travellers and a Lone Trekker as well. Marilyn knows quite a few people I know as well so we enjoyed a good chat.

We met up again at Happy Hour and here's the proof.
It's great to catch up with other ACC Members on my travels - a Tassie ACC couple, Brian and Christine, were here at Walkamin recently and we went out for coffee and lunch at Jacques Coffee Plantation before they left to continue their adventures.

Steps OK today - 3,608 and 2.6km. I'm still averaging 3,158 steps daily for the month despite easing off a lot while I was crook a few days back.

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