Friday, 27 July 2018

Day 61

I was getting a bit low on supplies so wrote myself a shopping list and went looking for a lift. Bill and his wife were going to Atherton and offered me a ride. It was good to get away from the park for a bit and amazing how many people from the park were in the IGA! Kept bumping into them in the aisles.

They have offered to take me with them to the Yungaburra market tomorrow as well. Should be a nice outing. I've been chasing CIL a bit today - apparently the repairers didn't send the photos they were asked for so the quote didn't go to the assessor yesterday. They were asked again today but I haven't been able to find out if the assessor has the quote yet. CIL will pay my accomodation if the claim is OKed.

I finished my last message to them by adding as a PS that I write for GoRV magazine and would love to write a positive story in my next column.

GoRV, out today, had a little story about the growth of the Australian Caravan Club. Here it is:

With a walk to the Post Office and then walking around the shops, the steps mounted up today -
4,885 steps and 3.5km!

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