Friday, 6 July 2018

Day 40

It was cold in the night - yes I know it was a lot colder down south but for here it was a tad chilly so today I got the doona out of the cupboard and put away the two thin blankets that hadn't been enough to keep me warm. During the day it's been lovely but after sundown the cool comes in.
My little friend Matilda's owners are leaving in the morning and I've told them Matilda stays with me! She's a lovable and intelligent little dog but I believe she would take the 1st prize in a longest tongue competition! It won't be the same when Paul and Coral plus dog are gone as they have been wonderful neighbours - I hope to see them again next year.

I scootered to the Post Office this morning but still no mail. Then this afternoon an email from Australia Post told me it was at the PO awaiting collection so back I went and they found it. Why does the thought cross my mind that it may have been there this morning?

The package contained my new mouse so I can give Ken his back tomorrow - it's been great having one of his mice to use until mine came.

Mine's the black one.

Steps were down a little today but the week's average came out as 3,539 a day so I'm pleased with that result.

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