Thursday, 5 July 2018

Day 39

Much more cheerful day today. Ray's passing yesterday really knocked me.

And yes - there are some pictures today. I sneaked into the shed this morning and the ladies were all busy little bees with their craft projects. One lady was so engrossed she didn't even look up when I snapped them!

Then my scooter doubled as a dunny wagon and took my cassette over to the dump point. It's a long walk so I appreciated the ride.
My gas locker door hinge has been a weak point ever since I bought Yemmy a few years back. I drilled the hole today for the final nut and bolt that has made it much stronger.

All work and no play....... We solved that with a game of Finska - or as we used to call it Klop. Brian and Chris are former ACC Tassie Travellers Finska Champions and carry a Finska set on their travels.

Still no parcels at the Post Office. 232 steps short of my target today but I did go across for a shower this morning without it being measured!

I was asked about statistics the other day. They only show on my copy but here's a shot of number of viewers .

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