Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Day 38

Sorry no pics, no scintillating humour or brilliant prose.

At lunch time I had a phone call and the mobile said 'Ray Desposito' so I answered by saying "Hi Ray - how're you going?" Sadly the voice said, "It's not Ray Lionel - dad passed away this morning." It was Ray's son Mark with the sad job of letting Ray's friends know that he had died today. He had renal failure and had been hiding it for years from the family.

Ray and I played trombones together in the Musicians Union Rehearsal Band in Melbourne all those years ago and I often parked on his front lawn in Hervey Bay for a few days when travelling north.

I'll miss him!

No parcels again today although the tracking showed one item had been processed in Brisbane three or four days ago. Even the shop had little fruit on offer - no paw paws or avocados so settled for a few bananas.

It was fast food night and as I didn't care for the fish and chips last week I settled for an Hawaiian  Burger. Yes - there was pineapple but just ordinary burger and no ham. It had nice filling though including beetroot.

Steps were OK - 3,482 and 2.5km.

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