Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Day 37

I'd been getting a faint tingle from the case of my computer so today I found my tester that shows if power points are wired correctly and started checking. I first checked the park supply - OK. Then the power lead - OK. The two points in the battery compartment were OK but when I checked the point inside near the door it showed faulty with a few suggested causes including 'active and neutral reversed'. My friend Ken had come over to help and he managed to get the cover off the power point and sure enough the connections were reversed. It was only a matter of reversing a plug and it ticked the OK box.

Here's the tester in action - red and green mean safe!

Further testing showed a four connection extension board was also faulty but it had soldered connections and wasn't worth fiddling with. I've got several other extension boards all OK so the faulty one is on it's way to the tip!

During our soup night yesterday there was a tremendous bang and everyone rushed outside to look for the cause. It wasn't found until daylight showed that a tyre on a spare wheel had burst! Just why it burst in the evening when the temperature was lower remains a mystery.

On my walk to the Post Office I pass two ferocious lions - so far they haven't attacked me!
No parcels yet and the steps were a bit low so I went for another walk later in the afternoon. The result was much more satisfactory - 4,052 steps and 2.9km.


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