Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Day 52

Today started as another day of dealing with  government departments and searching for a non-existent Tax File Number etc.

Then came the shock that I'd been preparing myself for - the phone call that started with, "Are you sitting down?" "The cost will be $6,000!" That includes the cost of the diff and freight charges plus assembling it all and it will take 5 working days to get up here from Melbourne.

They estimate that it will be Friday week before I get Yemmy back and can start my travels again. It's a lot of money but really there's no other way out. The RACV did offer to take Yemmy back to Melbourne but what would happen then - it was not a practical alternative so I just had to agree to getting him fixed up here. The garage did say that when they have finished assembling and fitting the diff it will be like a new one. I hope they are right!

Arthur and Colleen left this morning and came to say goodbye - we'll meet again somewhere in this great brown land I'm sure. Terry and Judy left very early and I didn't see tham go.

Quite a few people have booked in today and many of them ask, "Do you remember us?" They are people I've met some time ago and had completely forgotten! Sorry folks - the old brain doesn't work too well at times these days. Then after we chat a bit, little snippets come back and little incidents jog the memory.

I'll be sleeping in a single bed tomorrow - the one in this cabin is a Queen but cabin 3 has two singles. It won't take very long to change abodes in the morning.

Steps are a bit down again but I was a bit busy again today. Tomorrow I promise there will be steps and pictures.

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