Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Day 51

The day started ok as I did a bit of washing but the dryer didn't work so I dried the clothes on the little rack at the back of the cabin. It was lovely and sunny so they soon dried .

Then I got into a lot of complicated work on the computer. I needed to create a new business name and ABN and then cancel the old one as it still had my late wife as a partner and she's been gone more than ten years. I got a lift into the bank at Mareeba and that became a bit long as they had to phone the branch at Mornington where we had set up the business account originally.

I now have a new business name - 'Lionel Mussell Productions' and a new ABN and have cancelled the old ones after quite a few phone discussions.

I don't think the bank have completed their work yet but it's under way.

Christmas is coming - at least Christmas in July next week.

Sorry no pics today but tomorrow I should get some relaxing and walking time. A little short of steps today - 2,712 and 1.9km

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