Monday, 16 July 2018

Day 50

Well I've got some news - they rang to say Yemmy really needs a new diff! I replied that if Yemmy really needs a new diff he'd better have a new diff! So tomorrow they are going to get some prices and let me know what to expect. I hope they realise that dual wheel Sprinters have a lower ratio diff than single wheels. I guess that will make it harder to find the right parts.

Watch this space!

Today Graham took me into Mareeba where we had a look at Yemmy and saw they had indeed started work on him. Then some shopping before getting back in time to go out with Brian and Christine, my Tassie friends, who are leaving tomorrow. We went out to Jacques Coffee Plantation for lunch and some delicious coffee.

Then it was over to a sausage sizzle - a tradition when Arthur and Colleen leave Walkamin although they don't leave until Wednesday. A very nice evening among old and new friends.   

This was the night sky last night as I came home from happy hour - a sunset with the new moon and the evening star overhead.


No deliberate walking today but I still clocked 3,716 steps and 2.6km. The fact that I had a hamburger for lunch and a sausage in a bread roll for dinner would have cancelled out my walking. Never mind - tomorrow is another day.

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