Saturday, 14 July 2018

Day 49

I've got fingers and everything else crossed hoping that by this time tomorrow I'll have the good/bad news about Yemmy and how it will affect my plans to leave here on the 26th of this month!

There wasn't too much to write about today so I took a few pics while getting my steps in. ( 4,206 and 3.1km so far today btw). I've found out who my Facebook friend Marg is who was challenging for most daily steps - she's here in the park!

 View from the back of the park.

How would you be climbing this? (Click the little square bottom right for full screen and then hit escape to return to the blog) 

I guess this is for another parking area for the rail trail that runs alongside the park

If bananas grew on trees this would be a banana tree! Commercially they just use the new plants each year and chop down the old ones. 
There are lovely views wherever you look up here on the Tablelands  - this is looking at the hills from the Post Office

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