Sunday, 29 July 2018

Day 63

Another lovely day that started with bacon, egg, tomatoes and mushrooms. Lovely grub!

Then a walk - but my usual walk was difficult because they have the track all dug up to put water into the block Terry is keeping. The concreting I showed the other day is an entrance to the block from the road - a condition of the permit.


I took a better video of the Telstra tower today - it sure is high.

The questions I submitted for tonight's quiz had them guessing - usually they get mine pretty quickly. The first was ' Who was the first Australian born author to win a Nobel Peace Prize' and the second was 'Who was the first Australian actor to win an Oscar?'

And no, I'm not telling but you can look it up if you like.

Just 3,474 steps today and 2.4km. It will be interesting when I get Yemmy back to see if I've lost weight while living in a cabin the past three weeks. (Yes - I've got scales in him).

Let's hope I get some news tomorrow.

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