Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Day 65

CIL didn't allow the claim so I paid for the repairs myself - the cost had gone up $1,000 because there was extra work changing parts from one diff to the other.

Then when I thought all was well, I found the auto gear change would only go to 3rd! Took it back but they couldn't find the cause so I have to take it back in the morning. I had a very slow trip back to Walkamin - about 70k/ph in third gear and many stops to let the build up of cars get past. Same thing will apply in the morning.

I'd planned on leaving on Thursday but now it's a bit iffy! My cabin is booked for Thursday afternoon on so I'll be sleeping in Yemmy somewhere I hope.

Besides Yemmy's problems the biopsy found it was a squamous cell carcinoma on my ear and it will probably be excised in the morning. It's not very big so should be ok. The dressing stuck to my hearing aid last night and came off with a bit of pain..

Oh yes -3,602 steps and 2.6km.

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