Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Day 66

I got Yemmy into the repairer by 8.30 and then went across to the medical centre. I had my Kindle charged up and I was prepared to read till my appointment at 10.30 but luckily the doctor came for me early and I was up on the bed and ready for the removal of my cancer. The young doctor took her time and I was told by the nurse that she had done a great job. I won't know until the stitches come out in a week or ten days. Who knows where I'll be by then!

When I went back for Yemmy they hadn't found what was wrong but said it was nothing they had done while fixing the diff. How could I say otherwise? They gave me the names of an auto transmission place and an auto electrician so off I went.

The first one I tried didn't have a scanner for Mercedes so couldn't do anything but the second one did a scan and got a code reading to say 'Gear implausible or Transmission Slipping.' He couldn't do anything this week so I've booked in for next Monday at 8.30.

In the meantime I'll move out of the cabin tomorrow and live in Yemmy until Monday. If he has to stay away overnight I can come back into a cabin if one's vacant.

More waiting!

A friend at happy hour sent me a pic of me at the Christmas in July. Here it is -

At least it was a happy time then - as normal at Walkamin

No time or inclination for steps today! And my ear is hurting so goodnight.

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