Thursday, 2 August 2018

Day 67

Well I'll start with something happy - my friend Tony sent  me this picture of the three of us  here at Walkamin a few years ago. That's Denyse in the middle. It's a far nicer picture that the ones of his crook eye!

Today was moving day - out of the cabin and into Yemmy. You would have no idea of how much stuff I'd taken into the cabin but at least it got my steps started plus I walked to the shop for some milk for breakfast.

Yemmy's in a nice spot although it's un-powered. It's quite close to the shed and the toilets and quite a few people stop to chat.

Friend Craig did two things for me today he crawled under Yemmy and took a picture of the plate on the diff and then he moved all my stuff that had been over by the shed over to Yemmy. I haven't got it all sorted but there's lots of time.

Taking a picture of the plate and comparing it to data from the VIN identification number showed that the repairer had fitted the wrong ratio diff and that must be what caused the gears to play up! I've contacted the repairer but I won't know what they will do about it until the morning. I'll probably get a lift in and see them face to face.

All the walking in and out from the cabin helped my steps - 3,911 and 2.8km

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