Friday, 3 August 2018

Day 68

Went to Mareeba this morning with friend Brien and saw the office manager at Performance Motors. She came up with the old story of how busy they are but later in the day said they have arranged for Yemmy to go to the Mercedes Dealership in Cairns on Wednesday. I have to get the RACQ to authorise it and then the RACV will pay for him to be taken to Cairns and for me to have a cabin while he's away.

I feel quite sick thinking about all this and wake in the night with my head spinning and keeping me awake! However it's lovely warm days and old sol is keeping my battery charged although I try not to use too much power.

The doona has gone away again and the light blankets have come out - it was too hot in bed last night.

While in Mareeba I had the dressing on my ear changed and the stitches checked - alls well on that front. I have to keep the dressing dry so a lady has lent me a shower cap!

I also did a fair bit of shopping and bought a cask of red - the rate I'm drinking it will last until I get home! Did a weight check this morning and I'm down to 84. something - great. My self imposed regime is working although the steps were down a bit today.

Grandson Reece and partner will be in Cairns from Sunday onward for a few days so we hope to catch up one day.

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