Saturday, 4 August 2018

Day 69

Had to play silly games this morning. To get back on the Total Benefits I had to call the RACQ Roadside Assistance and they sent a man from Atherton out to me. When I explained the situation he said fine - can I pick Yemmy up Tuesday and take him to Cairns Wednesday morning. (He didn't really call him Yemmy!)

I said I'm not sure yet that I want him to go to Cairns at all and run me into more expense when the onus is really on the Mareeba repair shop to put things right. I had a call from the RACV saying that my accomodation was booked until Friday and to ring if it needed to be extended. They offered once again to take Yemmy to Victoria but I said no as I need to settle this up here.

I told her about my proposed visit to the repairer in Monday and she said go for it - make them fix it. She also said to lodge a complaint with the RACQ if they don't come to the party.

When I go in I want them to give me copies of the invoice for the diff and the copy of the order.

Craig gave me a hand jacking the wheels on one side and then me turning them twice while he counted the rotations of the tail shaft. It proved the ratio was wrong and backs up the picture of the ratio on the diff.

I also want to get the diff cover and have it examined to try to prove the oil leaked because of jacking damage to the plate. If I can get an expert to agree that caused the diff failure I may be able to reopen the insurance claim!

Tonight we had a feast in the shed - lots of camp oven cooked stews and damper.

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