Saturday, 4 August 2018

Day 70

I took the dressing off my ear in the shower this morning as directed by the nurse but the stitches
have to stay in for a week or ten days so that will be next week sometime.

It looks a neat job and I'm very pleased. It's even stopped hurting.

If I'd taken my hearing aid out it would have been a better picture. The nurse gave me some paraffin cream to put on after my shower

I checked with the RACV this morning and they said that if the repairer could/would not complete the repair in three business days they would truck Yemmy to the repairer of my choice in Victoria and get me there as well. My friend Eric would do the job for me and then I would set about claiming for shoddy workmanship through consumer affairs and other bodies.

The best option for the repairer would be to put the old crown wheel and pinion back in - but so far they haven't admitted their error. Tomorrow will be the turning point one way or the other.

I'm humbled by the amount of good wishes for a satisfactory conclusion to this saga that have come via my Facebook Page and other ways - thanks friends. I hope to have good news tomorrow night.

I did manage to get myself in gear and go for a walk - the weather was perfect and I clocked up 3,107 steps and 2.3km.

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