Monday, 6 August 2018

Day 71

When I fronted up at the repairers this morning they admitted they knew they had fitted the wrong ratio diff and said they should have told me! I said yes they should because I want the right one!

I mentioned that the RACV would truck Yemmy home if they couldn't fix it in 3 working days. He then said he'd get back on the phone and see what he could do. I contacted the RACV again and they were going to ring me back. When I checked much later they said they were trying to contact the mechanic and it shouldn't be much longer. That was at three o'clock and I'm still waiting!

One of these nights I'll be able to sleep all night without waking up with Yemmy going round in my head.

Daughter Sue rang to say the weather was shocking at home at the moment! Thanks a lot if I'm heading that way sometime soon.

Steps up to target today - 3,166 and 2.2km

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