Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Day 72

Here's what I just wrote to a couple of friends just now:

I’m on my way alright - pick up by taxi 7.30am to take me to Cairns Airport to catch a direct flight to Melbourne, Then to Southern Cross Station and wait a few hours to catch a train to Ararat, then travel with a VicRail coach to Stawell and finally a taxi to my home! Home about 9.30-ish - I should sleep tomorrow night!

Yemmy is going a slower way. He’s being picked up by truck next Tuesday and taken to my mate Eric’s place at Officer where hopefully Eric will be able to sort him out. All this is being paid by the RACV who have been most helpful unlike the repair shop who knowingly fitted the wrong diff! They have been difficult to deal with right from the start and I’ll be trying to recoup some of the money from them. 

I’m all packed up and will be wearing jeans and a warm jacket in the morning ready for the Victorian winter!

Here's a picture of the old diff stuff between Yemmy's seats. 
There won't be much to blog about once I get home but I'll keep you all informed about how things are going

Steps were the last thing on my mind today so only just over 2,000!

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